What benefits can I get through the Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33)?

Post 9/ 11 GI Bill benefits are granted to the active duty service members and veterans for education purpose. The federal government offers different education benefits to the veterans and they have many options to choose from. But, the veterans and other members should have the idea about the program offered by GI Bill that will suit them.

Veteran affairs department offers the benefits by using the trademark of GI Bill. Veterans and other active duty members can acquire the benefits based on their service and disability.

The veterans must also serve in the military for at least 90 days after September 10, 2001. The retired veterans must have an honorable discharge from the military to get these benefits.

Benefits of Post 9/11 GI Bill 

The benefits under post 9/ 11 include the graduate and undergraduate degrees from the institutes. The individuals who are discharged from the service can also receive the following benefits after the 30 days of discharge.

Veterans can use many benefits under the trademark of the GI Bill. They can also get the training benefits for different graduate and undergraduate colleges and universities.

Following benefits can be granted under this trademark

  • Training for certificate programs offered at the institute
  • On the job training for veterans and other active-duty members
  • License from the training
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Training for the flight
  • Courses that are not offered by the college
  • Training for apprenticeship
  • Other training programs that are approved by the GI Bill

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Transferring of benefits to dependents

The veterans who have not used all of their post 9/ 11 benefits can transfer them to their dependents. Following are the benefits that veterans and their dependents can use from GI Bill program

  • The students will be given full tuition fee for the school or colleges that they will be attending
  • The veterans who are in the private institutes can also get fee reimbursement
  • Monthly housing allowance is provided to the veterans under post 9/ 11
  • The cost of books and other necessary supplies is also covered by GI Bill
  • The rural benefit is given to the veterans

There is an exception for the times when the schools are closed due to any natural disaster, as the GI Bill benefits will no longer be payable for the fees.

Eligibility for post 9/ 11 benefits

Following are the requirements that the veteran must meet before applying for post 9/ 11 benefits

  • A 100 percent disabled veterans can receive the benefits if they have served for 36 months or more
  • Veterans with 90 percent disability should spend 30 months to get these benefits
  • 80 percent disabled veteran can receive the benefits if they have served 24 months in the military
  • Veteran with 70 percent rating need to spend at least 18 months
  • 60 percent disability requires 12 months of service
  • 50 percent disability requires 6 months of service to get these GI Bill benefits


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