Veterans Benefits on the Campus of Michigan State 2023

The veterans have started to grow their number in the colleges and universities which is a change for good. The veterans have learned to use their GI Bill benefits efficiently and in 2013 more than 1 million veterans used their benefits from the state. This number is increasing day by day since 2013.

Veterans on the campus of Michigan State

Michigan State recognizes the needs of veteran students and promises to provide them with all the necessities to complete their education.

Resources for veterans on the campus

The State of Michigan has developed much training for the staff of schools to support and increase their understanding of the veterans and their dependents. The training have been designed especially to make the staff understand the topics that are related to the veterans and their military.

The session for training is delivered in the form of webinars or live presentations on the campus. The veterans are also given information about their careers. The objective of the state is to make people understand the needs of veterans so that they feel comfortable.

Education military veteran resources

Disabled veterans with a ranking of 10 percent receive maximum benefits from the government including scheduler pays, housing allowances, travel reimbursements, educational assistance, nursing, and medical care, and many more.

Veteran Affairs department gives the military disability benefits to all the veterans that gave some kind of service-connected disability that makes them unfit to work properly.

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Resources for dependents

These military benefits are same and equal for every veteran.  As these benefits do not depend upon the rank or service years the veteran or military member has served in the military.

The only component that can be a cause of difference in benefits will be the number of dependents that a veteran has. If a veteran has more than one spouse or many children, then he will receive more amounts from the veteran affairs department. There is another important factor for these benefits as they are not taxable.

Eligibility requirements

The veterans who are given a disability rating are entitled to get many benefits from the veteran’s affairs department as they are impaired to make both ends meet.

  • The veteran who died was discharged from the service and he has not received any dishonorable discharge
  • The military member or a veteran has served 90 days or more on active duty
  • The surviving spouse or children who are unmarried of the deceased person
  • The countable income that you received is below the limit set by the law of the state

The veterans provide services for the military and other forces of the country. Therefore, government and other private organizations recognize them for their contribution and sacrifices.

One way of doing this is to award the different kinds of benefits and compensations to them. It will be easier for disabled veterans to lead their lives normally and independently. The veteran affairs department recognizes the efforts of veterans and then rewards them with all the basic necessities.

List of Known Campus Veteran Organizations to support veterans

This is the “initial” list of veterans’ organizations on college campuses, to the best of our knowledge.




FSU Collegiate Veteran Association
Florida Atlantic University Veteran’s Affairs


NIU (Northern Illinois University) Veterans’ Club
EIU (Eastern Illinois University) Black Knights of the Embarras (Veterans’ Club) (Facebook group)
WIU (Western Illinois University) Veterans’ Club
College of DuPage Veterans Association (Facebook group)


IU (Indiana University) Military Veterans’ ClubIU Veteran Support Services


UIOWA Veterans’ Association


University of Kansas Collegiate Veterans’ Association (contacts are listed under university website; no known group website)
Kansas City, Kansas Community College (KCKCC) Veterans’ Certifying Official

University of Louisiana (Lafayette) Association of Student Veterans (Facebook Group)


Boston College BC Law School Veterans’ Association
MIT Sloan (Business School) Veterans’ Association
Harvard University Harvard Veterans / Alumni Association


University of Michigan Student Veteran Association (website) and Facebook group(Ross School of Business) Armed Forces Association

Eastern Michigan University Office of Veterans’ Services


University of Minnesota Veterans’ Transition CenterRegistrar’s / Veterans’ Certification Office
Vermillion Community College Veterans’ Group (Facebook group)
Minnesota Veterans’ Coalition (all colleges) (Facebook group)

New York:

SUNY Onondaga Community College Veterans’ Association (Vets’ Club)
Columbia University US Military Veterans (MILVETS) of Columbia
New York University Stern (Business School) Military Veterans’ Club
Brooklyn College Veteran Students’ Organization (Facebook group)
City University of New York / College of Staten Island Armed Forces Club (Facebook group)


The Ohio State University Registrar’s Office
Ohio University Registrar’s Office


Portland State University Student Veteran Organization
University of Oregon Veterans and Family Student Association


Penn State University (PSU) Penn State Veterans’ Organization
Penn State, Du Bois Campus Veterans’ Club
Millersville University Veterans and Still Serving (Facebook group)
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) Veterans’ Club

South Dakota

University of South Dakota Veterans’ Club (website) / Facebook group


Austin Peay State University Chi Delta Chi Veterans’ Organization


University of Texas UT Official SiteStudent Veteran Association


College of William & Mary Registrar’s / Veterans’ Certification OfficeVeterans’ Society
Northern Virginia Community College Military Resources


Skagit Valley College, Whidbey Island Campus Veterans’ Services Office


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