VA Disability Ratings For Knee Pain (Knee Disability Compensation)

VA disability ratings for knee pain: The veterans may suffer pain in their joints and knees after their military service. This service is quite tough and requires a lot of training and hard work. The soldier body gets a lot of physical stress that stays even after the retirement. This pain in the knee and joints can lead to disability of a veteran.

VA Disability Ratings For Knee Pain

The veterans who get knee pain during their service are often due to their work. They have to carry loads and heavy things for longer period. The veterans who suffer knee pain are sometimes unable to walk properly of perform any of their tasks normally. They require assistance to complete their daily life tasks.

VA Disability Ratings For Knee Pain

Is knee arthritis a VA disability?

A veteran with any pain in the joints or knee is eligible to receive compensation for their condition. A separate 10 percent rating is given to the veteran for their joint and knee pain. Veteran affair department will do a complete check up on both motions such as active and passive motion.

Test is also taken on weight bearing and non weight bearing conditions. If the joint pain of the veteran is severe enough then they are considered disabled. The veteran who will match the listing can get social security benefits and monthly compensation benefits.

Disability benefits for knee pain

There are several factors based on which veteran affair department will provide benefits to the veterans. If the veteran has knee pain and other service related disabilities then he might receive higher rating from the veteran affair department.

if the veteran has a knee pain and the condition is so severe that he is unable to move then the VA will rank them with the highest disability rating. So they can receive the care and treatment on time.

va disability claim for knees

A 100 percent disability rating means highest benefit. To get this rating, the veteran will have to prove that their condition is worse and that they are unable to work. If the veteran has mild pain, he can still receive the benefits based on the rating. Less disability rating will get them less compensation overall as compared to the disability rating of 100 percent.

How to qualify for knee pain benefits?

The first thing that is important for knee benefits is a claim. The veteran has to fill out the application and claim for the disability benefits. The claim can be submitted online or to the office. The veteran affairs department will then review the application and provide the benefits and compensation to the deserving veterans.

If the claim is approved then the veteran can also receive monthly compensation and pension. 0 percent disability rating means that veteran affair department did not find any severity in the case of a veteran. In some cases the veteran might feel unable to walk but this is not enough to convince the veteran department.

How do VA rates knee replacement?

The veteran who has severe knee condition can claim for knee replacement. VA has set criteria for knee replacement. If the veteran has knee disability rating of 30 percent or more, then they can get their knee replaced.

Veteran with disability rating less than 30 percent cannot get knee replacement benefits. Minimum rating required for knee replacement is 30 percent. This process helps the veteran to walk smoothly without any disability.

It is not necessary that the veteran will get knee replacement that has higher disability rating. Because there are certain other conditions as well that must be considered before the replacement.

Knee pain should be treated on time as it can cause other disabilities in the body. Veteran with severe knee pain can also get back pain which is even worse. So, it is better that the veteran get treatment on time to avoid any serious disability.

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