2023 USMC PFT Calculator (United States Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test)



The USMC PFT (United States Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test) Calculator is a tool used by members of the United States Marine Corps to calculate and assess their physical fitness scores based on the results of the PFT.


USMC PFT Calculator

USMC PFT Calculator


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The PFT is a semi-annual fitness assessment that consists of three main components:

  1. Pull-Ups: Marines are required to perform as many pull-ups as possible. The number of pull-ups completed correlates with a specific score.
  2. Abdominal Crunches: Marines perform a set number of abdominal crunches within a time limit, and their score is based on the number of correctly completed crunches.
  3. Three-Mile Run: Marines are timed as they complete a three-mile run, and their score is determined by how quickly they finish.

The USMC PFT Calculator takes these component scores into account and provides an overall PFT score. This score is used to assess a Marine’s physical fitness level and helps determine their readiness for various duties within the Marine Corps. The calculator simplifies the process of determining a Marine’s fitness score and ensures accuracy in evaluating their physical readiness.


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