Traumatic brain injury: Diagnosis and Treatment of TBI

Traumatic brain injury: Brain is the most important organ of our body that performs many different tasks. Traumatic brain injury is the type of disorder of brain where normal functioning of brain is lost. The veterans and military members have developed this disease and it is increasing among the members day by day. The veteran affairs department provides benefits, compensations, and treatment for the veterans who have developed this disorder. Doctors have classified the traumatic brain injury in three different categories such as mild injury, moderate injury, and severe traumatic brain injury. There are different symptoms and treatment of these three forms of brain injury.

Diagnosis and treatment of Traumatic brain injury ( TBI )

The veterans who return from the theater have to go through the screening program. This screening shows whether the member has a brain injury or not. The screening proves the risk of the injury so that the person can be referred to the specialist for proper treatment.

Veteran affairs department provides all the treatment for brain injury. The first step of treatment is to locate the injury and stabilize it so that secondary complications can be prevented.

The brain controls other parts of the body as well. So the patient is treated first with proper oxygen so other parts of the body are also stabilized. The department also provides the strategies that veterans can use to cope with their disease.

Rehabilitation of Veteran TBI patients

The department of veteran affairs has made a specific rehabilitation team that treats and deals with the veterans that have brain injury. The team consists of different members such as a physical therapist. The objective of therapist is to teach the veteran to address the pain and regain their coordination and flexibility.

Neuropsychologist tests the patients and tells about the future complications of the disease. The objective of neuropsychologist is to measure the progress of the injury and identify the specific areas that are injured.

Insurance for veterans with brain injury

The veterans who developed brain injury can get the insurance from the veteran affair department. This insurance is different from the compensation of disability. So the veteran can receive disability compensation and brain injury insurance at the same time.

The department provides the compensation so the veterans can make up the loss of income that was caused due to the traumatic brain injury. The assistance is provided to the veterans who have severely injured their brain during the active duty service.

Traumatic brain injury centers for veterans

There are different centers in the state that are established to treat the brain injury among the veterans. The centers are made to help the veterans that have limited resources of income. Proper care and training is provided so that the veteran can recover from their disease.

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A person with disability loses the independence of their life so there is a need to enhance their life. The centers mission is to support such veterans and provide them with the knowledge that enhances their health and makes them independent. The veteran affair department is working to improve the life of veteran either they are active duty or retired.

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