100 % Total Disability Individual Unemployability for Veterans

Total disability individual unemployability is a benefit given to the veterans who are unable to perform their duty due to service connected disabilities. The benefits provided are according to the 100 percent disability rating even if the veteran has combined rating less than that of 100 percent.

This benefit is for the veterans who are unable to get substantial employment and hence are unable to earn for their living. Substantial occupation means a person having a job that pays him amount above threshold level for poverty. There are some cases where the veterans can work and get Unemployability benefits as well.

Who is eligible for Total individual unemployability benefits?

A veteran who has served in the military and received honorable discharge can get individual unemployability benefits. Veteran who received dishonorable discharge will not get this benefit. Veterans can get either scheduler or extra scheduler benefits based on their condition. Mental impairment and physical disability also causes unemployability so veterans with such conditions can also get additional compensation.

total disability individual unemployability (tdiu) benefits

Following conditions must be fulfilled to get the TDIU benefits:

  • A veteran must have service connected disability with the rating of 60 percent or combined rating of 70 percent at least.
  • The veteran must not be working with a steady job. The overall pay of the veteran must be less than the poverty threshold. If veteran has substantially gainful job then he cannot receive the TDIU benefits from the state.

Veteran who meets above criteria can get the benefits. TDIU basically provides health care benefits and monthly compensations to the veterans. A veteran must file a claim to get these benefits from the veteran affairs of department.

Benefit amount of individual Unemployability

The individual Unemployability benefits are provided to the veterans as compensations and medical benefits. The veterans will get the benefits equivalent to the benefits provided to the 100 percent disabled veteran by the veteran affair department. A veteran can receive monthly $3146 and if he has spouse and dependent than the amount may be increased.

How to apply for VA TDIU?

The veteran must complete a form to get the total individual Unemployability benefits from the department. The submission of form is very easy as veterans can do it online or send the form to the office. There are certain documents that must be attached with the form such as medical evidence, educational background, history, and more. If the department finds the persons income more than the poverty threshold, then they might reject the document. VA has the right to even terminate the individual Unemployability benefits. There are certain conditions that veterans must fulfill to keep getting the TDIU benefits.

  • Veterans who are receiving TDIU benefits should submit the VA form on annual basis to the department. If the form is not submitted, then the department will terminate the benefits
  • The improved service connected disability will lower your chance of receiving these benefits.
  • If the veteran is able to work due to his improved condition and can get substantially gainful employment, then the VA will terminate the benefits.

Is TDIU permanent?

TDIU is not permanent but it can become permanent in some cases. A veteran with 100 percent disability rating will automatically get permanent TDIU benefits. Also, if the veteran has permanent disability and medical examiner said that this ability will not improve. In such case, the veteran can get their TDIU Benefits Permanent. They will no longer be required to fill any form or provide any evidence to the department.

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