Texas State Veteran Benefits

Texas is renowned for its unwavering support for veterans, offering a diverse array of benefits to honor their service. This comprehensive guide will delve into the various benefits available to veterans in Texas, encompassing housing, employment, education, financial assistance, home loans, and recreation opportunities.

Texas Veteran Housing Benefits:

Veteran Land Board Home Loans: The Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) plays a pivotal role in making homeownership attainable for veterans. They provide low-interest home loans with favorable terms and minimal down payment requirements.

Veteran Homes: In addition to home loans, the VLB manages skilled nursing facilities and homes, offering top-tier long-term care for eligible veterans and their spouses.

Texas Veteran Employment Benefits:

Priority Hiring: Texas state agencies prioritize hiring veterans, affording them greater access to government job opportunities.

Workforce Solutions: The Texas Workforce Commission is a valuable resource for veterans in search of employment. It provides job search assistance, facilitates the transition to civilian careers, and offers access to job training programs.

Veteran-Owned Business Support: Texas actively encourages veteran entrepreneurship. Programs like the Veteran Entrepreneur Program provide business development resources and mentorship to veterans looking to start or expand their businesses.

Texas Veteran Education Benefits:

Hazlewood Act: This act grants eligible veterans and their dependents up to 150 hours of tuition exemption at public colleges and universities within Texas, covering most undergraduate programs.

Veterans Education Program (VEP): To aid veterans in their transition from military service to college life, the VEP offers academic and personal support services, ensuring their success in higher education.

Texas Disabled Veteran Financial Benefits:

Property Tax Exemptions: Disabled veterans in Texas may qualify for property tax exemptions, easing the financial burden associated with property ownership.

Compensation and Pension Claims: Veterans with service-connected disabilities can pursue compensation and pension benefits through the Texas Veterans Commission, providing crucial financial support.

Veteran Home Loans:

Aside from the VLB, veterans can also explore federal VA home loan programs, boasting competitive interest rates, low down payments, and no private mortgage insurance (PMI) requirements.

Texas Veteran Recreation Benefits:

State Parks Pass: Disabled veterans can secure a free lifetime pass to Texas state parks, granting them access to an array of outdoor recreational activities.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses: Texas extends discounted hunting and fishing licenses to disabled veterans, facilitating their enjoyment of the state’s abundant outdoor resources.


Texas stands as a beacon of support and gratitude towards its military veterans. Its comprehensive range of benefits, spanning housing assistance, employment resources, education opportunities, financial aid for disabled veterans, home loans, and recreational benefits, serves as a testament to this commitment. Whether you are a veteran considering Texas as your new home or a current resident, exploring these resources is vital to making the most of the state’s generous benefits designed to honor those who have served their nation.

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