Comprehensive Guide to Tennessee State Veteran Benefits

Tennessee commemorates its veterans by providing a variety of benefits and services to improve their health and quality of life. These benefits encompass a veteran’s whole life, including healthcare, education, work, recreation, and even their last resting place. In this post, we will look at the most important state veteran benefits in Tennessee, with an emphasis on state veterans’ homes, career possibilities, leisure, and veterans’ graves.


Tennessee State Veteran Home Benefits:

Tennessee takes pride in providing high-quality care to its veterans through state veterans’ homes. The state operates four veterans’ homes located in Humboldt, Knoxville, Clarksville, and Murfreesboro. These facilities offer the following benefits:

  1. Long-term Care: Tennessee veterans’ homes provide skilled nursing and long-term care services to eligible veterans and their spouses. This includes medical care, rehabilitation, and assistance with daily living activities.
  2. Specialized Care: The homes are equipped to provide specialized care, including Alzheimer’s and dementia care, ensuring that veterans with unique medical needs receive appropriate attention.
  3. Comfortable Living: Veterans residing in these homes enjoy comfortable living conditions and a supportive environment that fosters camaraderie among residents.

Tennessee Veteran Employment Benefits:

Tennessee offers several employment benefits to veterans to help them transition into civilian life successfully:

  1. Veterans’ Preference in State Hiring: Eligible veterans receive preference points when applying for state government jobs. This preference can significantly improve a veteran’s chances of securing state employment.
  2. Job Search Assistance: The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development offers job placement assistance, resume writing workshops, and job training programs to veterans seeking employment opportunities.
  3. Entrepreneurial Resources: For veterans interested in starting their own businesses, Tennessee provides resources and support through the Tennessee Small Business Development Center and the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program.

Tennessee Veteran Recreation Benefits:

Tennessee recognizes the importance of recreation and relaxation in the lives of its veterans:

  1. Hunting and Fishing Licenses: Disabled veterans with a 30% or greater disability rating from the VA are eligible for discounted hunting and fishing licenses, making it easier for them to enjoy outdoor activities.
  2. State Park Discounts: Veterans with a service-connected disability can obtain a Tennessee State Parks Annual Pass at a reduced rate, allowing them access to the state’s beautiful parks and recreational areas.
  3. Veterans’ Recreational Areas: Some state parks feature veterans’ recreational areas that provide special accommodations and facilities for disabled veterans and their families.

Tennessee Veterans Cemeteries:

Tennessee operates four state veterans cemeteries where veterans and their eligible dependents can be laid to rest:

  1. East Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery: Located in Knoxville, this cemetery offers a peaceful and dignified final resting place for veterans and their families in the eastern region of the state.
  2. Middle Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery: Situated in Nashville, this cemetery serves veterans in the central part of Tennessee and provides a serene and respectful environment for interment.
  3. West Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery: Located in Memphis, this cemetery offers a tranquil setting for veterans and their loved ones in the western part of the state.
  4. Parkers Crossroads Cemetery: This cemetery in Parkers Crossroads, which is between Nashville and Memphis, serves as an additional option for veterans’ interment.


Tennessee’s commitment to its veterans is evident through the comprehensive benefits and services it offers. From state veterans’ homes providing long-term care to employment assistance, recreation benefits, and dignified cemeteries, the state aims to support veterans in various aspects of their lives. These benefits are a way of expressing gratitude to those who have served their country and continue to contribute to their communities. Veterans in Tennessee can take advantage of these resources to enhance their well-being and quality of life.

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