VA 100 % TDIU Permanent and Total Benefits 2023

TDIU Permanent and Total Benefits: TDIU stands for “total disability individual unemployability”.  Veteran affair department determines the disability by giving the ratings to veterans. These ratings will help the veterans to get compensation and additional benefits from the department. The VA can later reduce the benefits by seeing the improvement in the condition of a veteran. But under some circumstances a veteran can get the same amount of benefits. In this article, we will discuss the benefits that are permanent under individual Unemployability benefits.

What are TDIU and TDIU Permanent and Total Benefits? 

TDIU or total individual Unemployability is rating for the veterans who are unable to perform their duties due to the disability they got due to their service in the military. TDIU is granted to the veterans who can no longer work to earn for themselves and their families. These benefits are provided by the veteran affairs department and the amount of compensation paid under TDIU is equal to the compensation paid to a veteran with 100 percent disability rating.

TDIU Permanent and Total Benefits 2021

Who can get TDIU permanent and total benefits?

If you are a veteran and you are unable to work, then you can get the TDIU benefits and compensation. To obtain total individual Unemployability benefits, all of the following criteria must be fulfilled by a veteran:

  • A veteran must have a disability rating of 60 percent at least from the veteran affairs department or they can have a combined rating of 70 percent or more
  • The veteran must be unable to get a steady job because of the disability he got during the service in the military
  • The veteran who are discharge with dishonor from the service will not receive any of the TDIU benefits

What if you are a veteran and have a job? Well if you have paying job you can still get the TDIU benefits. Odd jobs are not counted under the substantial gainful so you can still apply for the benefits from the veteran affairs department. You just have to provide the complete papers along with the medical evidence of your disability. The disability must be related to your service. The VA will just review your document along with your history and educational background.

Is TDIU permanent?

TDIU is not permanent but under some circumstances it can be counted under the permanent benefit. The veterans who are receiving TDIU benefits and they are 70 years or older, then TDIU benefits will become permanent for them. Also, the veteran who has been receiving the TDIU benefits and it has been more than 20 years, and then there benefits will also become permanent. If the condition of veteran improves in the start of TDIU benefits then veteran affair department can terminate your benefits.

TDIU benefits for veterans

A disabled veteran can receive TDIU benefits of about $3000 on monthly basis. This amount is for the veteran and if the veteran is married or has children, then he might receive additional money from the veteran affairs department. The veterans who do not have substantially gainful employment can claim TDIU benefits from VA. This benefit will help the veterans to live normal and independent life. If the veteran is permanently disabled then he will receive the additional benefit under TDIU benefits. These benefits can become permanent under some circumstances that are discussed earlier.

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