Need to know about Signs of Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety 2022

Depression is a serious disorder that causes the feeling of sadness and anxiety among the teens and adults. Depression is a major depressive disorder that affects the normal living of people. The person with depression feels useless and ma attempt suicide. They feel that their living has no purpose. Different emotional and health problems may originate as a result of depression. All normal activities of a person become impossible and the person may feel that the life is not worth living. It is not an easy task to just get out of depression. Treatment for depression is also available. Treatment can be longer or shorter depending upon the condition of person.

signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety

depression and anxiety

Symptoms of Depression and anxiety

The depression can occur only once but the person may get episodes of depression at different times in their life. The symptoms may occur during every episode of depression. Below are some of the noticeable symptoms in the person having episode of depression:

  • Continuous feeling of sadness and anger
  • Feeling of hopelessness and rage
  • Sudden outbursts and irritation
  • Getting frustrated over small things
  • Getting angry over others
  • Insomnia, very less sleep
  • Loss of interest in normal activities
  • Sleeping too less or too much
  • Lack of energy and being tired all the time
  • Loss of weight and getting tired over very small task
  • Slowed thinking and loss of interest
  • Physical issues such as continuous headache
  • Uncontrolled back pain
  • Frequent thoughts of uselessness and suicide
  • Talk about taking life
  • Feelings that life is not worth living
  • Living alone and far from others
  • Gain of weight or sudden loss
  • Eating too much
  • Fighting with other people
  • Getting weak and staying isolated

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The above mentioned symptoms are usually noticeable among the adults and teens as well. There is a difference in day to day activities. The teen stops going to school and feels miserable all the time leaving out the friends and ending all the activities. The person has a feeling of misery and generally they do not know the reason behind all of this.

Symptoms of depression in children

There can be some difference among the symptoms of depression in the adults and children. But generally the above mentioned symptoms can be seen among the children having depression. Below are some symptoms of depression among the children:

  • In children , the symptoms of depression may include sadness and anger
  • They might start fighting on small things
  • Aches and pain in different parts of body
  • Feeling of hopelessness and stops going to school
  • Loss of interest in the daily activities
  • Starts fighting when talking
  • Sadness and irritability
  • Poor performance in the school and at home
  • Trying to harm their selves
  • Fighting with other siblings and parents
  • Avoiding social interaction
  • They do not want to take part in different activities

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Depression symptoms in adults 

Depression should not be taken lightly as it is a serious health disorder. The person with depression should be treated on time otherwise they might lose their life. They can attempt suicide. Adults may show lower symptoms as compared to the children because they can hide their expressions and feelings from others. Below are symptoms that can be seen among adults with depression:

  • Changes in the personality
  • Difficulty in remembering things
  • Pain and aches in the body
  • Loss of appetite and problems in sleep
  • Wanting to stay at home for longer time
  • Not want to socialize
  • Not wanting to do any new or exciting things
  • Feeling of suicide all the time

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