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Suicide Among Veterans: Suicide prevention among the veterans

Suicide Among Veterans and Suicide prevention among the veterans

The department of veteran affairs and department of defense have made their top priority to prevent the suicide among the veterans. The department has made the tool named as crisis hotline to provide the immediate help to the ones that are mentally disturbed. This suicide help by the veterans department is available 24/7. Veterans can get this help online as well. If you are a veteran or former military member then you can get immediate help from the department.

What are the warning signs of suicide?

The record of suicide among the veterans reached high during the 2018 year. There were about 325 veterans who took their life due to mental instability. About 20 veterans took their life everyday according to the record of year 2016. There are many signs of warning that can be seen among the people who try to take their live. Some of the warning signs are listed below:

How to deal with suicidal person?

Veteran affair department has provided the ways that you can use to deal with a person who is trying to take their life. Try to make a conversation with such person and keep the person calm.

Following practices are best to deal with suicidal person:
Remain calm and try to calm the other person

Veteran training

The crisis hotline tool by the veteran affairs department provides help to deal with the everyday challenges. There are different options that veterans can use such as problem solving techniques. Veterans can also learn to cope with the problems that cause stress and depression.

These free tools by the veteran department have proved to be very helpful for the veterans and it has improved the suicide rate among the veterans. Suicide is a major issue in the society and it should be treated well. The veterans who have elevated mental health have the highest chances of suicide rate.

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VA health approach for veterans

Veteran affair department is deploying different strategies to improve the suicide rate among the veterans of the United State of America. There is a public health approach by the department. This approach has saved many lives of veterans.

The mental health staff provides the necessary outpatient services to the veterans and also the sessions to improve mental health. The staff teaches different methods that can be used to treat the mental issues. There are clinical based interventions for the veterans. Veteran affair department has made all the efforts to improve the suicide rate and thus save the lives of veterans.

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