North Carolina State Financial Benefits For Veterans 2023

North Carolina State is among the states of America that provide enormous benefits to the deserving disabled veterans and their dependents. In this article, we will explain the different benefits that are provided to the veterans.

North Carolina state financial benefits for veterans

North Carolina State provides many financial benefits to deserving veterans that meet the eligibility criteria of the state. A veteran or military member who has at least five years of military experience can get tax benefits. In this benefits the member’s retirement and other payments are tax free that is a huge plus for the beneficiaries.


The North Carolina State veteran department provides many essential services to eligible disabled veterans. The veteran affairs department is a primary care provider for all the medical and health care services as well. The nation has recognized long ago that the dependents of veterans who die for their country require substantial support from the government. Related: What are the Florida State Disabled Military Veteran Benefits North Carolina state financial benefits for veterans The families make many sacrifices along with the veterans who stand on the borders of the country and lose their lives while defending their nation. These services are recognized by the states and there are about 38 programs that take care of the needs of disabled veterans and their children and spouse. Some programs also provide support for the parents of veterans.

What is North Carolina military tax exemption?

100 percent disability rating is given by the veteran affairs department to the veteran and this means that the veteran is completely and permanently disabled. This disability is given due to the service-connected issue faced by the veterans. The disability can be pre-existed or the veteran may have got this while on active duty service. The veterans who are given a 100 percent disability rating are entitled to get many benefits from the department as they are completely impaired to make both ends meet. Honorable discharge 100 percent disabled veterans are eligible to receive up to $ 45,000 reduction in the tax of property by the North Carolina State. If the veteran is deceased, then the surviving spouse is eligible to receive these property tax benefits from the veteran affairs department.

North Carolina employment benefits

North Carolina State provides employment benefits to Disabled veterans and their dependents. The preference for the position of the job is given to the disabled veterans, spouse of disabled veterans, or the surviving spouse of the disabled veterans who lost their lives due to service-connected disability or war.

What is North Carolina Business Link North?

Business link north works in collaboration with the North Carolina Department of commerce. This business link is very beneficial as it provides free services to disabled veterans and their families. It is helpful for veterans who want to start their own businesses.

Scholarship for children of disabled veterans

It has become very difficult for children belonging to an average family to get a higher education. Luckily, many scholarships are being provided to children of veterans by different state including North Carolina State. This scholarship that is provided to the dependents for disabled veterans is for eight academic years in any of the North Carolina College, school, or university. To qualify for this scholarship, the children or a spouse must be under the age of 25. The veteran to whom the children belong to must have served the country during wartime, or he is a disabled veteran.

North Carolina Hunting and fishing license for veterans

The residents of North Carolina State have to pay a huge amount to get a hunting and fishing license. The state has made the buying of licenses easy for disabled veterans. All the disabled veterans with disabilities of 50 percent or more can etc the license on affordable price ranging from $ 10 to $ 110. The amount depends upon the type of license a veteran is applying for from the state.

Cemeteries for the disabled veterans

There are four different cemeteries that are present in the state for the disabled veterans. The state allows the burial of a disabled veteran in the cemetery for free. While, if the spouse of disabled veteran is to be buried n the North Carolina cemetery, then they will have to pay very little amount for the place.

What is the North Carolina technology program?

North Carolina technology program is set along with the assistance of rehabilitation center to assist disabled veterans. This technology is set to help the veterans to come back to their normal life by physiotherapy and training. The North Carolina technology program provides knowledge about modern technology that is beneficial for disabled veterans. The program also provides loans for the devices, public awareness about modern technology, etc. North Carolina technology program also raises awareness among the disabled veterans and their dependents for free.

North Carolina disabled veteran’s license plate

North Carolina State offers license plates to disabled veterans. These are 16 different types of plates specialized for the veterans vehicle. The license plate is also available for 100 percent disabled veterans. The veterans who can qualify for the plate have to meet the following requirement:

  • The veteran was rated totally and permanently disabled by the veteran’s affairs department
  • Rated disabled from the discharge
  • A pow who is rated disabled by the veteran affair department

If the veteran meet the above qualification and has been declared as permanently and totally disabled by the department then he can get the license plate of North Carolina for free.

Department of Veteran affairs NC jobs

The department of veteran affair of North Carolina hires the veterans and their dependents. The state provides job opportunities to the veterans to help them earn and live independently. The veterans who have retired from the service can find a suitable job for theme at Department of Veteran affairs NC jobs. The veteran will have to meet the eligibility criteria of the job first. The preference for the job is also given to the military members, disabled veterans and their dependents. There are many career opportunities available for the veterans such as technology, engineering, medical, cyber, and many more.

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