2021 New York Military Veteran Benefits

2023 New York Disabled Veteran Benefits – Education, Scholarship, Health, Death

Veterans and military members give many sacrifices and devoted services for their nation. Also, the family members of military members and veterans give many sacrifices for the country. Hence, the survivors of the deceased member are entitled to receive special compensation from the New York state.

New York Disabled Veteran Benefits

The state of New York provides many benefits to veterans and military members. In this article we will explain the benefits provided by the state in detail.

New York Disabled Veteran Benefits

New York Disabled Veterans Property tax exemptions

New York State provides property tax exemptions for military members and veterans. There are three different property tax exemptions for the service member and the additional benefits base upon the extent of disability-related to service-connected issues.

  • There is an alternative tax exemption for the disabled veterans who served in any of the war
  • The veterans who have taken part in the cold war are provided by the cold war veteran tax exemptions benefits
  • There is a fund exemption for the eligible veteran who buy the property with the money of funds, pension, or bonus

Application for the tax exemptions by the New York state must be filed before the due date of paying taxes. The spouses of veterans who qualify for tax exemption based on the service o their service member are also eligible to get New York state tax exemptions. The property tax exemptions are applied to the local and country places of the state only.

Burial allowance for the Disabled veterans

Burial allowance of up to $ 6,000 is given to eligible military members and veterans. This allowance is authorized for the personnel who got killed in the war or during the service due to service-connected disability. The allowance is also provided to the surviving spouse of veterans who died due to service-connected disability.

E-Z pass for disabled veterans

The New York state provides travel services to any place of the state for free. The offer is only provided to the qualifying disabled veterans by the state.

Death benefits

Death gratuity is a payment that is given to the survivors of a deceased member of the military or a veteran. It is a tax-free payment of about $ 6,000 that is provided by the New York State. However, there are certain criteria that a member has to meet before applying for death gratuity.

  • The member who died while on active duty or a journey authorized by the department
  • A member who died while on inactive duty training or inactive duty travel
  • A member who dies while performing training duty
  • A person who has been accepted for the job but dies while traveling to that place

If there are no survivors of the deceased veterans, then the parents or siblings will be able to get the death gratuity after the death of a veteran.  The department will automatically pay the death gratuity and if it is no paid, then the family can get it by applying an application to the military service concerned departments.

New York Veteran tuition awards

The veteran residents of New York State are eligible to get full time study from the institutes of New York State. The education assistance is for all the veterans’ residents who have been a part of war or who died due to service connected disability.

New York veteran education benefits

Spouse and children of disabled veterans can also qualify for the tuition waivers. The dependents must be attending the school and colleges of New York State to enjoy the benefits.

If the dependents get qualifies for the benefits of state then their tuition will be waived while attending school, college, university of the state.

To be eligible for the tuition waiver benefits by the state, the veteran and dependent should be the resident of State and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The veteran who died in the line of duty or during a war
  • The veteran must be listed by the department of defense
  • The dependents of veteran meet the eligibility criteria

Incentive and tribute scholarship by the New York state

The Incentive and tribute scholarship provide financial aid to the veterans and their dependents. The veterans who died in the line of duty or during a war or who got permanently disabled are eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship provides financial assistance to the qualifying members for up to four years of education.

The scholarship pays the full fee at any of the authorized universities, colleges of the state. Moreover, this scholarship also pays an allowance for the books required, supplies, the amount for the necessary transportation, living expenses, etc.

The dependents of veterans who get Incentives and tribute scholarships must maintain a good GPA and must attend all the classes.

State park admissions for disabled veterans

New York State provides lifetime pass for all of the state parks to the disabled veterans with a disability rating of 40 percent or greater. The pass includes the following things:

  • The disabled veterans can get their vehicles inside the premises of park for free
  • The historic sites and day use places are free entry for veterans
  • Free golf at different golf courses around different parks of the state
  • Free swimming and entries to all pools
  • Discount price for camping and rents for the cabins are also reduced for the qualifying veterans

What is military service credit for state and local retirement members?

The military members and veterans who have served in the military are eligible to get additional credit on their retirements. The additional amount is provided by the New York state and the retirement system of the state.

There are different laws according to which the amount is paid to disabled veterans. The disabled veterans precede their application of request to the state and they respond after deciding the section under which the veterans qualify.

Veterans of the New York state are also eligible for the peddler’s license. The license provided will be for a lifetime. The free peddler’s license is also provided to the veterans who are serving overseas far from their country.

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