Minnesota State Veteran Benefits 2023

Strategic Guide to Minnesota State Veteran Benefits in 2023

Minnesota is committed to recognizing and supporting our veterans by providing a variety of benefits and resources. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look at the numerous programs and services available in Minnesota to help and thank veterans.

Veterans Homes Benefits in Minnesota

Veterans and their families can receive long-term care at Minnesota Veterans Homes. These facilities provide excellent nursing care, rehabilitation, and memory care units. Their goal is to offer a loving and supportive atmosphere for veterans.

Minnesota State Veteran Benefits 2023

Housing: The following are the sites for Veterans Homes

Minnesota State Veterans Home at Fergus Falls

Minnesota State Veterans Home at Hastings

Minnesota State Veterans Home at Luverne

Minnesota State Veterans Home at Minneapolis

Minnesota State Veterans Home at Silver Bay

Eligibility for admission:

  • Discharged other than on dishonorable accounts
  • Veterans must have served in the Armed Forces for at least 181 days
  • Spouses at least 55 and older who meet residency requirements may be eligible
  • The Veteran must need medical or clinical need
  • Costs are based on the needs of the Veteran

Who is Eligibile

Veterans must satisfy certain conditions, including Minnesota residence and an honorable discharge from the military, to be considered for admission. Surviving spouses may also be eligible for admittance in specific instances.

Minnesota Veteran Financial Benefits

Property Tax Exemptions

Veterans with service-connected disabilities and their surviving spouses are eligible for property tax exemptions in Minnesota. This can cut the property tax load greatly and bring financial relief.

Homestead Market Value Exclusion

Veterans with a disability rating of 70% or higher may qualify for a homestead market value exclusion, reducing the taxable value of their homes.

Income Tax Deductions

Disabled veterans in Minnesota may be eligible for income tax deductions related to their disability compensation.

Minnesota Veteran Employment Benefits

Veterans Preference in Public Employment

Minnesota provides veterans with a hiring preference in public employment, giving them a leg up when applying for state jobs.

Employment Resources

The state offers various employment resources for veterans, including job search assistance, career counseling, and resume-building workshops. These services aim to help veterans smoothly transition into civilian careers.

Minnesota Veteran Education Benefits

Minnesota GI Bill: Empowering Veterans Through Education

The Minnesota GI Bill provides educational benefits to Minnesota veterans who qualify. Tuition and fees at qualified Minnesota colleges, universities, and vocational schools may be covered by this program.

The Minnesota GI Bill is a valuable resource meant to assist veterans and their educational aspirations in Minnesota. This program provides a variety of benefits to veterans, making it simpler for them to fulfill their academic and career goals.


To be eligible for the Minnesota GI Bill, veterans must meet certain criteria, including:

  1. Minnesota Residency: Veterans must be residents of Minnesota to qualify for these benefits.
  2. Federal Education Benefits: Eligible veterans must be using or have exhausted their federal education benefits, such as the Post-9/11 GI Bill or Montgomery GI Bill.
  3. Honorable Discharge: Applicants must have received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces.

Minnesota Veteran Recreation Benefits

Minnesota provides a variety of recreational benefits to veterans, recognizing the value of leisure and outdoor activities in improving the quality of life for those who have served. The following are some of the most important recreational perks provided to veterans in the state:

Resident Disabled Veterans Hunting & Fishing License:

Minnesota grants unique hunting and fishing privileges to resident handicapped veterans. These licenses are available at a reduced or free cost, making it easier for veterans to participate in outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

Free admission to state parks:

Veterans with a service-connected disability rating of 50% or higher are entitled to free admission to any state parks in Minnesota. This benefit allows veterans to enjoy the natural beauty and recreational activities provided by the state’s parks.

Minnesota State Veterans Cemeteries

Minnesota is home to several state veterans cemeteries, including those in Little Falls and Preston. These cemeteries provide a final resting place with military honors for eligible veterans and their dependents. To get more details you can visit the Minnesota DNR website.

Final Thoughts

Minnesota is dedicated to recognizing and supporting our veterans by providing a variety of benefits and resources. Minnesota has you covered if you need long-term care, financial aid, educational options, career assistance, or simply want to enjoy the state’s natural beauty.

Please keep in mind that eligibility for these benefits is determined by variables such as service history, handicap status, and other circumstances. Visit the official Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs website or contact your local Veterans Service Office for further information and application requirements.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your service, and we hope this guide helps you access the support available to veterans in the beautiful state of Minnesota.

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