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17 Best Military Spouse Benefits You must know in 2023

It seems that Military spouses all the time face a lot of challenges, so it’s nice to have spouse benefits to balance the scale. If you are a spouse of A military person then you can have many advantages ranging from educational benefits to employment opportunities, health benefits, housing assistance, job benefits, special discounts, and many more.

Best Military Spouse Benefits

There are many programs, that are automatically given upon entrance to military service or having married a service member. These programs help the military family in every way possible so that they can enjoy their lives as well as they give many sacrifices for their country and nation.

best military spouse benefits

What benefits do military spouses get?

In this article you will get the knowledge about the top military or veterans benefits not provided automatically, but available to military spouses to utilize. To get these benefits, there are certain applications that need to be completed before.

Military Spouse Scholarships and scholarships for military dependents 2022

Those in the military and their dependents have a special program of scholarships for them. A military spouse can easily get the opportunity of the scholarship programs. These scholarships are free because the spouse doesn’t have to pay back any of the money. There are many different scholarships given to the disabled veterans and military members by a military spouse club scholarships. Also, these scholarships are only available and dedicated to military families, so there is a small number of applicants applying.

Free On-Base Classes:

A spouse can join the free on-base classes. The bases are organized such that they offer free education to the military wives regarding the newborn or the methods to handle them. These classes are specially designed for military spouses so that they can live their lives as military spouses without any serious difficulties and hurdles.

Morale, Welfare & Recreation:

MWR gives a variety of opportunities to the spouse From bowling alleys, cinemas, and event tickets to childcare services and hobby shops.

Military Discounts

On unique and different days, such as memorial day for veterans or veterans day, many businesses provide military discounts to military members, their families, and spouses. The spouse can therefore buy anything of their choice from the businesses at a special discount not provided to any other common man.

National Park and Federal Recreational Land Pass

Every year The National Park Program offers free entry to the military members and spouses and issues free annual passes to 400 plus national parks for active-duty military members, spouses, and their dependents. The military member along with their family can enjoy their leisure time in the parks without having to worry about the ticket sand passes as they will be covered by the department

Commissaries & Exchanges:

A military spouse can also get a discount from the commissaries and exchanges that offer groceries, sold at cost, and name brand retail products at discounted pricing plus no sales tax. This benefit is applicable to all military spouses and dependents as long as they stay married.

Free Healthcare: 

The active-duty military member and his family can get free health care from the hospitals and nursing staff such as birth, surgeries, operations, mental care, etc, on the base and at the home as well. Also, inpatient and outpatient services, dental care, physical and mental health assistance, etc are available to military spouses.

Military Lodging, Hotels & Travel

Military members and their dependents can also avail themselves of the benefits during traveler are many destinations available to the family members of military persons such as cottages at the beach and hotels at the top of mountains, all for free. The military person can enjoy his vacations with his family, or he can also apply for vacations during his service days. This benefit is given specifically so that the family members can enjoy some time with the military personnel and stay away from anxiety and depression.

Housing & BAH:

Most of the military bases providing free housing and if you live off base there is Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) compensation.

Legal Assistance:

The legal assistance is made available to the military spouse from the centers such as Legal Assistance Centers. This assistance may be in case of a lease agreement, creating an estate plan, seeking legal guidance on adoption, or other matters.

Marriage Family Counseling, Getting married for military benefits

Military members are provided with free counseling either face to face or on-base campus where they can know each other better and have proper counseling.

Financial Education &  Resources:

Through the DoD’s MilSpouse Mission of money, the dependents of military members can get free financial education and resources from certified financial planners, professionals, accredited financial counselors.

Employment Opportunities:

The employment opportunities are provided to the military members and their wives and also the preference is given to the military spouse by Hiring Our Heroes.

Military Spouse Tax Benefits:

By taking the advantages of the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act, spouses can claim their original state of residence on their taxes, especially if from a state with a lower tax rate.

Hiring Preference:

Military spouses can get the advantage of hiring preferences. spouse are given preferential employment placement in vacant Department of Defense (DoD) civilian positions.

License Transfer:

States provide military spouses license transfer benefit, which consists of permanent or temporary licenses or expedited processing.

Unemployment Compensation due to PCS

In some states of the United States, not all, offer military spouse unemployment compensation due to a PCS.

Online College for Military Spouse Benefits:

Online learning benefits are provided to military spouses and dependents. There are many reasons why the spouses are offered these benefits. A military spouse who wants to go to college can get up to benefits of $2000 that are enough for two years of education from any college on campus or online. With this aid, the spouse can pursue certification, get a license, or associate degree in any career of field and occupations that are portable for them. This funding from the department is enough for a dent intuition and online learning fees.

What are divorced military spouse benefits?

If the spouse gets a divorce from a military member, then she is still eligible to get health care benefits from Tricare and CHAMPVA programs. The housing benefit however ends with divorce. The family of a military member can only live in the house till they are married. Upon divorce, they will have to leave the house within 30 days.

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