Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2021: Happy Military Spouse Day image, quotes, wishes

Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2021 will be observed on Friday, 7 May in the United States. National Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2021 is a presidentially-approved federal holiday and is celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day in May.
On Military Spouse Appreciation Day All of the citizens pay tribute and honor for contributions and sacrifices of spouses. The spouse stand by the military member throughout their services and become a strong support for them.

the commitment and support of the spouse help to keep our country safe. Military spouses are the backbone of the families who support the families of the military members when they are serving for the nation, during mission deployment, reintegration and reset.

On this day we appriciate the military spouse because these are the silent heroes of the nation. they loved their contry and proved it by staying at home and support the troops families.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2021

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Military Spouse Appreciation Day Ideas 2021

Enlist down there are few points show how to appreciate to your military spouse:

  • Give your military spouse a day off
  • Do something he or she hates doing
  • Give a token of appreciation e.g. care package, gift card, flowers or anything they love
  • Say “Thank You” but be creative in expressing thanks
  • Have a day of pampering together
  • For deployed troops, send a video message or ecard showing your appreciation
  • Do something to solve one of their problems
  • Create a coupon book for them
  • Make dinner or surprise your spouse with breakfast
  • Watch a movie or show you’d rather not watch but that they love
  • Give your military spouse a list of reasons why you appreciate them

Best Military Spouse Benefits

There are many programs, that are automatically given upon entrance to military service or having married to a service member. These benefits are specially provided and designed for the dependents of military members so that they can enjoy their lives like other persons without having to worry about financial needs. Following are the benefits that military spouses get:

in this article you will find the top military or veterans benefits not provided automatically, but available to military spouses to utilize.

Military Spouse Scholarships – scholarships for military dependents 2020

a military spouse can get the opportunity of the scholarship programs. There are a lot of different types of scholarships made available provided by the Federal and state, military branch-specific, non-profits and milspouse club scholarships.

Free On-Base Classes:

Spouse can join the free on base classes. Many bases offer mostly free classes to spouses including resources that help in confronting military life challenges from PCSing and deployments to new babies or new jobs.

Morale, Welfare & Recreation:

MWR gives a variety of opportunities to the spouse From bowling alleys, cinemas and event tickets to childcare services and hobby shops.

Military Discounts

On different occasions and events like veterans day or memorial day, Many businesses extend military discounts to spouses. Military spouses can get any thing on discount as compared to other members.

National Park and Federal Recreational Land Pass

Each year The National Park Service offers free entry to the spouse and issues free annual passes to 400 plus national parks for active-duty military members, spouses, and their dependents. These parks are situated in almost every state of the United states and military members get this opportunity to visit these parks any time they want free of cost.

Commissaries & Exchanges:

A military spouses can also get discount from the commissaries and exchanges that offer groceries, sold at cost and name brand retail products at discounted pricing plus no sales tax. All the spouses can enjoy this opportunity from the department for their services.

Free Healthcare: 

If you are an Active duty military members or their dependents you can receive free medical care containing an appointments, births, surgeries, and medicine that is obtained on-base. Also, the health-care treatments such as inpatient outpatient services, surgeries, dental care, physical and health maintenance etc.

Military Lodging, Hotels & Travel

Military members and their dependents can also avail the benefits during travel. From cottages at the beach to cabins in the mountains, there are plenty of affordable destinations for a great family trip.

Housing & BAH:

Most of the military bases providing free housing and if you live off base there is Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) compensation.

Legal Assistance:

A military spouse can get legal assistance from Military One Source or from Legal Assistance Centers. These assistance may be in case of a lease agreement, creating an estate plan, seeking legal guidance on adoption or other matters.

Marriage Family Counseling – Getting married for military benefits

Military OneSource offers free, confidential face-to-face counseling and Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC). These are on base at the Family Support and Readiness Center.

Financial Education &  Resources:

Through the DoD’s MilSpouse Money Mission get free financial education and resources from certified financial planners, professionals, accredited financial counselors.

Employment Opportunities:

There are a variety of employment programs and events for military spouses including the Military Spouse Employment Partnership through Military One Source and opportunities through Hiring Our Heroes.

Military Spouse Tax Benefits:

By taking the advantages of the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act, spouses can claim their original state of residence on their taxes, especially if from a state with a lower tax rate.

Hiring Preference:

Military spouses can get the advantage of hiring preferences. spouse are given preferential employment placement in vacant Department of Defense (DoD) civilian positions.

License Transfer:

states provide military spouses some type of license transfer benefit, that consists of permanent or temporary licenses or expedited processing.

Unemployment Compensation due to PCS

In some states of the United States, not all, offer military spouse unemployment compensation due to a PCS.’

Military Spouse Appreciation Day Quotes 2021

Below Is A List Of Greetings And Quotes With Which You Can Celebrate This Spouses’ Day:

You are the only love of my life, my life’s best person, my weakness. May the love between us be bigger and better. Wish you a joyous and happy Spouse’s Day.

_I have never met a lovelier person than you. And it’s a miracle that the person is in love with me. I can’t get luckier. Wishing you a best Spouse’s Day.

“The longer the wait, the sweeter the kiss.”

“A man in the military is worth waiting for.”

“Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never at heart.

Start where you are. No matter how far you go, no matter where you go, my heart is always with you

“You don’t know how much you love someone, until that moment of separation comes

To all of you, we thank you for your sacrifice, your strength, and your selfless support.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” — Mingon McLaughlin

6. “When we got married I told my wife ‘If you leave me, I’m going with you.’ And she never did.” -James Fineous McBride

7. “Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

8. “Marriage is the beginning of love for your spouse, not the result of it.”  – Shannon L. Alder

Military Spouse Appreciation Day Images 2021

Here we have some collection for military spouse appreciation you can share with your spouse to appreciate:

national military spouse appriciation day 2021

national military spouse appriciation day 2021

military spouse apprication day

military spouse apprication day

military spouse apprication 2021

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