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Military Retirement Divorce Benefits: Pension, Health, GI Bill (Education)

Divorce couple is just like any other normal person. They part their ways to live the life they desire. The person getting divorced can get military benefits if they belong to military or their spouse is serving in the military. The maximum amount of pension income an ex-spouse and can receive is 50% of the military retirement pay. To get these benefits the member must have been part of military for at least 10 years. If their divorce happens before the completion of 10 years in military, then they will get no benefits from the department.

Military Retirement Divorce Benefits 

There are different states in the United State so they take years of service according to their rules. Some states may consider 10 years in the service while other considers 9 years in the service. It all depends upon the resident of military personnel.

What are retired military benefits for spouse when divorced?

After the divorce the former spouse is eligible to get the benefits. However, the member must meet the eligibility criteria set by the department of veteran affairs. If the spouse remains unmarried at least for three years after the divorce, then they can get the benefits for their lifetime. Tricare is a program set for the military personnel and their dependents. The former spouse can get their Tricare benefits even after the divorce.

GI- Bill benefits and former spouse

Post 9-11 is an extremely useful and valuable benefit for the military members and their dependents. The members can get many benefits from health care to education under this GI- Bill. The members who get divorced and have served at least 10 years in the military can get their post 9-11 GI-Bills without any issue. GI Bill benefit can be used for education and tuition for the children. To complete their education they require assistance that is provided by the department.

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Military health benefits for divorced spouse

The military spouse can continue to get different benefits upon divorce such as health benefits. These benefits cannot be undone by the court. But the spouse will only be eligible to get benefits when they will apply with all the documents complete. The spouse can get unlimited medical coverage from the department until she remarries. The spouse of the veterans must also be getting the retirement benefits of the member provided by the court to get health care benefits.

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Benefits for divorce less than 10 years

Divorce is tough on the military member and their family members. The retirement pay of a military staff member can be divided between the member and their spouse. So, it is very important to know all the details about the benefits and retirement pension prior to divorce.

If the couple gets divorced before the ten year of their marriage then the spouse can get the benefits through the state court. If the spouse remains unmarried then they can get benefits for lifetime. But, if they decide to remarry before three years, then they will not receive the retirement benefits.

What are military divorce pension benefits?

In some circumstances for the pension benefits for the divorced couple. The spouse can or cannot get the retirement pension benefits. The state court gets to decide whether to award the retirement pension to the service member or divide the amount between the spouses. If the military service member gets all the retirement pay and pension benefits then the court can compensate the spouse by giving other benefits of marriage.

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