Military Benefits of Being a Military Wife 2023

Being a military spouse is not an easy task, you have to face many difficulties and give sacrifices. Therefore, it is nice to have some extra benefits for a military spouse. If you are a military dependent or Military spouse you will be provided with a variety of financial benefits including full health care benefits like medical, dental and vision etc. Being a military wife you can also get financial aid assistance for education and survivor benefits.

It doesn’t matter if you are the second wife of the military member, you are the spouse of the military member. Every Current spouse of retirees eligible for the same benefits the retiree does contain health care coverage.

Military Benefits of Being a Military Wife

This is right of each and every military personnel, that he must be given health care for life for themselves and their qualifying family members.

Military Benefits for Second Wife

According to the pentagon, This benefit is not be considered as the military spouse benefit earned by the spouse or the family, but actually, this is the benefits earned by the member of the military.

If you marry a Retired Military Man do you get his benefits?

if you marry a retired military man and you are the existence spouse of the military members you can enjoy the same benefits as the retiree does, especially healthcare benefits.

Family Service Members’ Group Life Insurance

A military spouse is entitled to receive the life insurance coverage from the department for up to $ 100,000. The amount of money the wife will get depends upon the military service member. He can enroll the family in the insurance of up to $10,000 or $ 100,000.

Hence, the coverage for life insurance provided will not exceed the limit given by military member. The children of military member are entitled to receive the amount $ 10,000. To get the information about enrollment inn life insurance coverage, the spouse has to contact the military office personnel.

What are the benefits of being a military wife?

Enlist below there are number of benefits that one can get after marrying a veteran or military members:

Benefits of marrying a military member

  • Military Spouse Scholarships – scholarships for military dependents 2020
  • Free On-Base Classes for the dependents
  • Morale, Welfare & Recreation
  • Military Discounts
  • National Park and Federal Recreational Land Pass
  • Commissaries & Exchanges
  • Free Healthcare 
  • Military Lodging, Hotels & Travel
  • Housing & BAH
  • Legal Assistance
  • Marriage Family Counseling Getting married for military benefits
  • Financial Education &  Resources
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Military Spouse Tax Benefits
  • Hiring Preference
  • License Transfer
  • Unemployment Compensation due to PCS
  • Free Education for the survivors

Exceptions (Divorced Military Spouse Benefits)

This rule is not to apply only to divorcing spouses who meet the 20/20/20 rule. The spouse must meet the times requirement of at least 20 years, and married to a military member who served in the military for at least 20 years.

Do Military get paid more if married?

Yes, Military members would receive extra pay if they got married. When veterans add a dependent, they can get a housing allowance. dependent is also called spouse.

Military Spouse Preference (MSP) Program

When the unemployment rate is high and the military spouse is unable to get job, then the program known as Military Spouse Preference program helps them in finding the best job. As, the name suggests the program gives preference to military wives for the job.

Under the MSP program, military spouses are given the preference for vacant department of defense for civilian position. The vacancy can be of different category that is it may fall under the category of civil service or under the category of authorized/ non-authorized findings. To get the job, military spouses should contact the Civil personnel officer or Human resource office for current vacancies.

What are military spouse health benefits?

Active duty military members and their dependents that is their wife, children and parents get free health care from health-care department. The health-care program covers all cost of medicines and prescriptions. The medical things such as surgeries, physical examination, mental examination, etc. are all covered by department. The cost of eyeglasses, lenses, contacts etc. is also provided to the military member and his dependents.

Career Advancement Account for a military spose

The most important and beneficial program offered to military spouse is the career account advancement program scholarship. This program offers a good amount of up to $ 4,000 to assist the spouse financially. The military spouse must be following the things below in any of the MyCAA program scholarship:

  • A license from the MyCAA program
  • A certificate of the program
  • A degree in associate program

Surviving spouse of military members, guard personnel, and reserve members holding the ranks holding the ranks of E-1 to E-5, W-1 to W-2 are eligible for MyCAA scholarship. The military spouse must be able to start and complete the program when the military member is on title 10 military orders.

What are the benefits of a retired military wife?

As a military wife, one has to wait so long for their members to get home after serving for their nation. The military service members battle many service challenges, planning disasters, cross-country rules.
Retired Military wife will receive the same benefits the retiree does, containing Free health and dental care, military lodging and recreation, shopping privileges, commissioner privileges, GI Bill and education benefits and many more. This health care is for a lifetime for all Military members and retirees and for their qualifying dependent.

Survivor benefit plan for the military wife

If the military service member chooses to set up a survivor benefit plan for his spouse at the time of his retirement, then the spouse can access that money after the military member dies. The money is given to the dependents of military service member only.

Veteran affairs department also provides different benefits to the military spouse after there death of a service member. Although, the pension of a member ends at the time of his/ her death but there are other programs that benefit the spouse such as Dependency and Indemnity Compensation and Veteran’s death pension benefit program.


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