What are the Massachusetts Commonwealth Veteran Benefits

The commonwealth of Massachusetts State provides certain benefits to the military members and their dependents. In this article, we will discuss those benefits in detail.

Massachusetts Commonwealth Veteran Benefits

The Massachusetts State veteran department provides many essential services to eligible disabled veterans. The veteran affairs department is a primary care provider for all the medical and health care services as well.

The nation has recognized long ago that the dependents of veterans who die for their country require substantial support from the government. The families make many sacrifices along with the veterans who stand on the borders of the country and lose their lives while defending their nation.

These services are recognized by the states and there are many programs that take care of the needs of disabled veterans and their children and spouse. Some programs also provide support for the parents of veterans.

Homeless and Transitional Housing

Massachusetts State provides benefits for eligible veterans. The services are provided to the deserving veterans and their dependents such as

  • Shelters for the veterans and their families in an emergency
  • Residence for the veterans
  • House quarters of single room for the deserving

Property tax Exemption for the Veterans

The veterans are exempted from paying the property tax by the state of Massachusetts. To qualify for the property tax exemptions, the veterans must meet the following criteria:

  • The veterans have been given the disability rating of at least 10 percent by the department of veteran affairs
  • The veteran must be a legal resident of Massachusetts state
  • The veteran has legal property in the state
  • The veteran have lived in the Massachusetts state for at least one year prior to applying for tax exemption
  • Spouse and surviving spouses of veteran who have service-connected disabilities are also eligible for the property tax exemption benefits.

Welcome Home Bonus for Veterans

The state of Massachusetts provides benefits to the veterans who have been living as a resident in the state of Massachusetts prior to entering in the military of country.

If the veteran dies due to service connected disability or in the war, then the dependents of veteran’s such as brother, sister, children, spouse, or parents will be eligible to receive this bonus from the state of commonwealth Massachusetts.

Compensations for members killed while on active duty

If the disabled veteran of Massachusetts State dies in the line of duty due to his injury, sickness or disease then he is given additional compensation by the state of Massachusetts.

The surviving spouse of the veteran, who died under titles 10 and 32 due to injury or sickness, will also receive benefits from the state. The state will provide $ 100,000 to the surviving spouse or dependent children of the disabled veterans.

Massachusetts tuition waiver for veterans

The state of Massachusetts provides tuition waivers to veterans and their dependents. The veteran or their dependents can get an education from any college or university of Massachusetts state with tuition waived.

The veterans can take any program or enroll themselves in any degree. They will get free education. This scholarship is available for veterans and their families only so there is less competition.

Disabled veterans annuity

The veterans who have been given with a disability rating of 100 percent are permanently and totally disabled. State of Massachusetts provides $ 1,000 biannually to all disabled veterans with disability rating of 100 percent. The souses of disabled veterans and their parents are also eligible to get biannual financial assistance.

Veterans preference for state employment

Massachusetts veterans are given preference in any of Massachusetts State in any of civil service exams. If the disabled veteran or their spouses who appear in the test and they score 70 percent on heir test, then they will be rated at the top list for the civil service job of Massachusetts state.

If the veterans apply for the exam of promotion, then 2 points will be added to their test score and they will be given priority for the job. If the veterans are applying for a job where no tests are taken, then the veteran will be given preference according to provisional appointment by the state.

If the veteran or any of their family members applies for the job of labor, then they are required to give no test or exam. They will be automatically rated in the top list.

Residents hunting and fishing license

The residents of Massachusetts State who are part of military service can get hunting and fishing license at resident rate. The license covers almost everything such as the disabled veterans can do fishing, hunting, and other permits on a very low cost or for free.

The disabled veterans who are given a disability rating of 100 percent can get a fishing and hunting license for free as well. Disabled veterans with a disability rating of sixty percent are also eligible to get a fishing license and hunting license at a much-discounted price.

State park parking fees

The disabled veterans who visit Massachusetts state park are eligible to get free entry. All the veterans whether the resident of Massachusetts State or other are eligible to get into the Massachusetts state park for free.

State veteran cemeteries

In the state of Massachusetts, there are about two cemeteries known as Agawam and Winchendon. The eligible veterans can be buried in any of the two cemeteries for free. There will be no fee for the dependents for disabled veterans such as their spouse and children.

Motor vehicle tax

The disabled veterans who have lost their one leg or both, or who have lost the sight of one eye or both are eligible for veteran affairs department benefits.

In addition, Massachusetts State also provides benefits for such disabled veterans. The Massachusetts state provides vehicle tax exemption for certified vehicles. The eligibility criteria are:

  • The veteran was rated totally and permanently disabled by the veteran’s affairs department
  • Rated disabled from the discharge
  • A pow who is rated disabled by the veteran affair department

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