How to Get Military Discount on Amazon 2023: Amazon Prime Veterans Discount

Veterans are the people who serve the nation. They stay active all the time either is day or night. It is because of them that people sleep with peace at night. The armed forces are active on the borders as well so no traitor can enter the country.  These people also give their lives to save the country in times of war. These people deserve honor and pride. The common man must pay them respect and remember them with honor and pride on Veterans Day.

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Does Amazon offer Military Discount on Amazon 2022

Many different departments and stores provide special discounts only for military members. Some stores also provide a discount to the family members of military personnel or veterans. Some private businesses also offer a special discount to the veterans on Veterans Day, Independence Day, or throughout the year.  The businesses require some identification from the veterans so they know that they are providing their services to the deserving people only.How to Get Military Discount on Amazon 2022

Businesses don’t have to offer special discounts for military members. They just do this to honor the services and sacrifices of Veterans and their families. We are providing you the list of things that you need to have to get the discounts:

Retiree or Military Identification Card

If you are an active duty member in the military, guard, or veteran service of the country then you must have a card that is an identification card. To enjoy the discounts you will have to show this card to the stores and businesses to prove your identity and they will let you shop at the discounted prices.

Veteran Affairs Benefit Cards

If you are a veteran and you have got a benefits card for health care from the veteran affairs department then you can show this card to the owners of stores. This card is like the identification card because it mentions the name of the veterans.  This card is given to those veterans who have certain disabilities ranging from 0% to 100%. There are also special discounts for the veteran with a disability rating of more than 30%.

Veterans Identification Card

In the year 2017, the Department of Veterans Affairs program ordered to offer the identification card to all the discharged veterans whose discharge from the service was honorable. So, the veterans can also show this card to the stores to get discounts.

This card is not like the official card given to the service members but it is enough to show to the owners to get discounts. This card is acceptable because it is given directly by the veteran’s affairs department to the veterans.


The veterans who have easy access to their DD- 214 forms can get a discount from businesses just by showing this form to them. However, the new scheme organized by the veteran’s affair department is planning to eliminate this form.

State Identification card

Some states of America offer a veterans designation card in the form of an identification card or driver’s license. If you have any of them given by the state, then you can use them to get the veterans / military discounts.

Online Proof

It is the era of technology and almost every person has a smartphone that he carries with him all the time. So, the businesses offer online registration to the service members where they will have to upload their documents only once. Business gets the information of the veteran from the and then offers a discount to the veterans.

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