High school Diploma for Korean and Vietnam Veterans

Korean or Vietnam veterans who participated in the World War 2 can get their high school diplomas. These veterans could not get their diplomas earlier because they had to participate in the war. They left everything behind to fight for their country and people. The Korean or Vietnam veterans can get the diploma if they have served in the military and attended any high school in Michigan State.

Diploma for Post War Veterans

The veterans who got their education interrupted during the war may get their diplomas years later. They have served in world war one and two so they need to be recognized. The veteran affairs department helps the veterans to get their Certificates from their high school.

If the veteran died during the war, then the surviving spouse or dependent children may forward the application for diploma. The veteran needs to submit some important papers such as honorable discharge document, their name and high school name. The veteran must also mention the address of high school and the year of their graduation on the application.High school Diploma for Korean and Vietnam Veterans

Processing of Diploma

The request for a diploma will be forwarded to the school that the veteran attained before leaving for the war. The address is necessary on the application as, without the address of the school, the application will not be processed.

The school system will then get the diploma of veteran and inform the veteran affairs department. The state department will then print the diploma for veterans and they will enter the information in their military records.

The diploma will then be submitted to other officials for signatures. Then the diploma will be mailed to the veteran with all the signatures of board directors and principal of high school.

Eligibility for High school diploma

The Korean or Vietnam veterans can apply for the diploma from the state if they have served in the military in the following times

  • In the world war 2 from December 16, 1940 – December 31, 1946
  • During the Korean conflict from June 27, 1950 – January 31, 1955.
  • During the Vietnam, conflict starting from February 28, 1961 – May 7, 1975

The veterans who served in the above-mentioned times may apply for their high school diploma in their school district. They will also have to provide a copy of their discharge from the military.

Application for the diploma

The application for the high school diploma can be submitted by the veteran or their dependent children or a spouse. The application will be processed for further work if the veteran

  • Attended the Michigan public school or nonpublic school prior to going for the war
  • Has a good standard reputation at the school
  • Is unable to graduate or receive any diploma because of leaving the high school during the war era
  • Has received the honorable discharge from the armed forces of country

The veterans can apply for their diploma even after their retirement as well. The state will provide all the assistance to the veteran and their family members.


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