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The Problems and issues Veterans Faced When Returning Home

Problems Veterans Faced When Returning Home: Veterans have to face a lot of problems when they were returning home back from the conflict. Around 44% of the veterans were those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the survey it is concluded that they have a lot of problems of readjusting back after their return while the majority readjust to life off the battleground with a small number of difficulties and complexities.

What Kind Of Problems Do They Face?

After their return, the veterans used to face a lot of problems. Some of them are the most considerable which are related to health issues. Lots of veterans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan used to face the traumatic brain injuries TBIs which cause distress and disturbance in their lives.

Usually one of the five veterans used to experience a mild form of TBI which is also known as concussion. Along with this lots of other health issues were also been face by the veterans like posttraumatic stress disorder, depression and sadness, anxiety as well as nervousness, alcohol use which is quite problematic, and the thoughts of suicide, etc. A lot of veterans also used to experience more than one health issue too which was considered a complex problem.

Along with health issues, lots of veterans including men as well as women used to face sexual problems also which had physical as well as mental effect on them too though in the military. They also used to experience harassment, stabbing as well as a physical attacks which was such a terrible problem for them. These were causes of different health as well as mental problems.

Veterans are Getting the Help they needed or Not?

Veterans Health Administration VHA is providing health care to number of veterans in different ways which is better than the other private as well as non-VHA public practices. However, the quality, as well as accessibility of the services of the VHA, used to alter and change across the system. This change is a little complex for the veterans to understand.

A number of studies used to show that lots of veterans are not getting treated well from the administration. They used to have a lot of problems while getting treated from there.

Numerous veterans also don’t know about this facility and the ones who know about this don’t know that how to apply for the care of the health of the veterans to get served as well as their eligibility. Lots of veterans are not getting served in this administration.

They are not getting the treatment of several diagnosis including posttraumatic stress disorder, depression as well as substance use disorder. As the veterans are not getting the proper help for their mental as well as physical health they needed actually.

Other barriers for getting care

There are numerous other barriers for getting good VHA care services as well for veterans. Following are the some hurdles which are being faced by the veterans.

Exclusively what services do veterans need?

Veterans need some services which are very important for them. Specifically they necessitate full spectrum of the services of health and care which consist of prevention, diagnostics, cure and healing, treatment, education, counseling as well as community support to contract with a broad ranging set of physical as well as medicinal issues.

These services have to to be alert on the problems particular to veterans. By increasing the number of health care providers which offers scrupulous services we can help veterans.

We just need to increase the number of clinicians in different areas which would be helpful for the veterans which cannot access to the treatment of mental health care as well as professionals of mental health care.

In other case we can help veterans by providing effective treatments by improving as well as achieving new research. In this way the major needs of the veterans would be focused. For example, the cure, as well as treatments of posttraumatic stress disorder, misery and substance stress confusion, needs to be developed.


How can we make sure that veterans get good health care?

There are thousands of ways through which we can make sure that veterans get good health care. Some of them are discussed below.

Problems apart from Health Related issues

In adding up to health problem a number of returning service members contain further difficulties such as economic otherwise social challenges readjusting to civilian live. For instance at times the joblessness rate for veterans, who dished up behind 11th of September, 2001 has been approximately two times the rate of non veterans who are of a similar age.

Other than on the whole there is a lack of data as well as investigations to contact the economic social as well as health bangs of exploitation on military service members along with their families which make it complicated as well as hard to be acquainted with exactly their needs.

A number of agencies, as well as departments used to collect data related to the physical, psychological, social as well as economic challenges faced by the veterans, other than no database, comes together demographic as well as deployment data by means of health outcomes, treatment along with the access to care otherwise employment before as well as after deployment.

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Ending Words

The depth as well as breadth of challenges faced by the veterans fluctuate as well as changes and are the result of composite communication of many factors. VHA needs to be prepared to convey the services veterans along with their families will need in the years ahead.

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