connecticut States Veterans Benefits

Connecticut States Military Veterans Benefits

The state of Connecticut provides several veteran benefits including Admission to the Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs, Burial, Educational Benefit/Tuition Waivers, Employment, Motor Vehicles, Tax Exemptions, Retirement and Veterans Agriculture Program. Here we will explain some of them.

Connecticut States Veterans Benefits

The Citizen veterans of Connecticut States are eligible for multiple state benefits in all states.  However, there are some requirements that may vary according to the benefits program:

Admission to the Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs

Connecticut Department of veterans affairs provides Veterans Home in Rocky Hill that are open for the Connecticut Veterans who are honorably discharge from the department. Here veterans can find the both residential facility and a skilled-care facility.

Learn more about Additional information for Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs Residential and Healthcare Program

connecticut States Veterans Benefits

Burial in the Connecticut State Veterans Cemetery

The veteran who is honorably discharged from the services is eligible for burial in the state veterans cemetery in Middletown. The spouse and dependent of the veterans also eligible for these benefits.

Learn more about Additional information for Cemetery and Memorial Services

Connecticut Veteran Education Benefits

The best ever benefits in Connecticut for veterans and their families are considered Veterans Education benefits, with full federal education support available. According to the VA, there are so many military-friendly colleges in Connecticut and 107 Connecticut schools received Post 9/11 GI Bill funds in 2017 for over 4,250 students totaling over $34 million!

Tuition Coverage

Veterans are eligible for tuition waivers that cover 50% of Extension Fund and summer courses at Connecticut State Universities and 100% of General Fund courses at all public schools and universities.

It is strongly advised that you get in touch with the Veterans Services or Financial Aid/Office Bursar’s of the school you are interested in attending for more information:

How To Qualify

In order to become eligible for Veterans tuition benefits at any CT college or university one must:

  • Honorably discharged 
  • Have served at least 90 days or more cumulative days active duty in time of war (see Periods of Service)
  • Accepted for admission
  • Living in Connecticut

Connecticut Veteran Financial Benefits

Property Tax Exemptions

Veterans, who served 90 days or more cumulative days during wartime and Merchant Marines, who served during WWII, service, are eligible for a $1,500 exemption for property tax purposes (e.g., real property or automobiles).

Here you will be given an options to choose to apply this exemption to your real estate or automobile tax. In case if a veterans doesn’t own real property or a motor vehicle, may be have an option to tax refund if they are leasing a motor vehicle.

CT States offers veterans with a service-connected disability the following property tax exemptions:

Disability Rating Property Tax Exemption
10%-25% $2,000
25%-50% $2,500
51%-75% $3,000
76% and above or age 65 and older $3,500
Severely disabled veterans Up to $10,000

Severely disabled veterans

Paraplegic veterans, amputees, or blind veterans qualify as severely disabled veterans

Income Tax

Retired military veterans payment and and Survivor Benefit Plan are exempted from income tax. furthermore the Pay received by the an active duty serving member is tax-free if stationed out-of-state, provided you don’t own a home in Connecticut or live there for more than 30 days per year.

Wartime Bonus

Connecticut National Guard members are eligible to earn up to $1,200 for combat service and 500 for non-combat. National Guard members earn $50 for each month served on active duty after sep, 11, 2001.

To apply, fill out the bonus application and mail to:

Connecticut Military Department
Wartime Service Bonus
360 Broad Street Room #113
Hartford, Connecticut, 06105-3706

Connecticut Military Family Relief Fund

Duty members and their families who are struggling financially as a result of their military service are given financial aid by the Military Relief Fund.

Each case’s particular circumstances will determine the grant award amount, which cannot exceed $5,000.

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