Common Misconceptions About Depression

Most Common Misconceptions About Depression in 2023

Depression is the most common disease among people now days. There are more than 19 million people living in the states with depression. There are many more people who are suffering from depression but they are not aware about their condition. This is very common disease now but it can also be treated. People from all walks of life are affected with this disease. Behavior, physical health, and mental health of person are greatly affected due to this depression.

Common Misconceptions About Depression

It is very important to learn about the symptoms of this disease so that you can get treatment on time. There are many people out there that are raising awareness about this disease. There are many myths that are still present in our surroundings about this depression.

Common Misconceptions About Depression

Myth – depression is a character

Depression is a serious disease and it should be treated properly and timely. This is like any other medical condition. People who are depresses are unable to perform their daily tasks. The depression may be caused due to any happenings in the past. The depression is not caused due to laziness. It should be considered a serious health issue and should be treated properly.

Myth About depression causes people to be aggressive

People who are depressed may have feelings of anger and rage. The people who are depressed may have outbursts sometimes but they can never harm anyone. There are very fewer chances that depressed people will commit crimes and become violent.

Myth About depression will go away on its own

People with depression can only get rid of it is they have proper treatment. This health issue cannot go away on its own. People having mild depression can recover if they change their lifestyle. But, most of people do need proper treatment to get this disease cured.

There are many different ways that a person can adapt to remain positive. Psychotherapy and medications are also useful for the depressed people. 80 percent of the people who receive treatment for depression at early stages are more likely to be cured.

Myth About depression is not a big deal

Depression that is not treated on time can lead to many harmful changes in the behavior of a person. Body functions and mood can also change due to this health issue. Most of the people who die by suicide are likely to have the symptoms of depression. The person with depression gives clues and warnings of suicide.

Myth About Only certain types of people have depression

Depression does not affect only one type of people. It can affect person of any age, any race, any country, gender, etc. Even the people who have everything in their life can get affected with this health issue.

Statistics have found that some of the groups of older people may have more depression. The depression can also run in the families. Other people can also get affected with this health issue even if they have no family history of this disease.

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Fact About Depression assistance is available

There are many platforms that provide help to the people with depression. The help is available 24/ 7. So if you find any person around you who is depressed then you should help him. The screening shows whether the person is affected by the health issue or not. The issue can be treated through psychotherapy and medicines as well.

Proper care is required for the depressed people. They should not be left alone. There are many misconceptions about the depression some of which are discussed above. If you find any symptom then immediately call for help. It is better to treat this issue on time.

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