Combat Veteran Health Care Eligibility (VA Health Care Benefits)

Combat Veteran health care eligibility: The veterans who provided their services in the combat operations are eligible to receive health care for extended period of time. The benefits are provided in the form of health benefits that a veteran can use for 5 years post their discharge from the military service. Veteran affair provides the health and physical care services to the veterans under the combat authority. There are priority groups that are made by the VA to provide the compensations and benefits. The combat veterans are ranked under the priority group 6 automatically.

Health benefits under the combat veteran

Veterans who are enrolled in the priority group 6 are eligible to receive the medications and health care from the veteran department. The services are provided to the veterans who have conditions that are caused due to the combat service.

Veteran affair department provides medical care package to the veterans under the authority of combat veteran. There is also an advantage to such veterans as they do not have to pay co-pays. The veterans are also provided with the medical services for their conditions under the veteran affairs department.

Eligibility of combat veteran services

The veterans who served in the theater set for combat operations are eligible to get combat services. The veterans must have served as an active duty member in the theater after 11 November, 1988. The members who have discharged from the military are also eligible to receive these benefits.

The discharge must be other than dishonorable discharge. The benefits are provided for five years after the discharge. This time period start from the day of discharge. The veterans have to submit their documentation to receive the combat services.

VA care for returning combat veterans

If veteran served in the combat theater after 11 November, 1998, then they will receive medical care for their condition. The medical care can be related to the service of a veteran in theater. The veterans are also given access of medical benefits for 5 years after their discharge from the service.

The medical care center has a care management made for the veterans who return from their service. There is a person who acts as personal advocate and helps the veterans to identify their benefits and compensations from the veteran affair department.

Health benefits along with the dental care are provided to the combat veterans. Combat veterans can get their medical care form any of the medical care centers that are near to their place.

Service connection rules for combat veterans

The veterans who want to claim their combat veteran benefits must provide evidence to the department. The evidence must show that the condition was caused due to active duty service. For example, veteran who has PTSD must prove that their condition occurred due to their service in the military.

If the veteran will try to provide the evidence or occurrence of non-combat event, then they will not get any of the combat veteran benefits and compensations. The combat veterans can receive free health care and services for their condition if their claim is accepted. These benefits are provided for 5 years starting from the time of honorable discharge.

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