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Chapter 115 veterans’ Benefits – Financial Assistant for Food, Shelter, Clothing, Housing Supplies, and Medical Care

Veterans are the members who serve for their country. Chapter 115 benefits program is designed for the veterans to benefit and assist them in their daily life. This program is run under the Massachusetts department for veterans. This program is designed to provide financial assistance for qualifying low-income veterans such as clothing allowance, medical care, housing and shelter allowance, and many others. Veterans can get these benefits and other pension and compensation benefit if they apply in chapter 115 program.

What are the chapter 115 benefits available currently?

Following are the benefits that are available for the veterans. There are certain terms and conditions for each benefit so must check them before applying. This main objective of this program is to serve the common wealth veterans by providing them the financial assistance on monthly basis. There is a bonus for the veteran that is provided to discharged, on duty, deceased veterans by the state.

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1. Cash benefits

If you are a veteran then you can easily get this cash benefit of chapter 115 programs. This benefit is given to the beneficiary on the monthly basis. The amount depends upon the conditions of veterans living and needs. If one needs large amount to complete their needs, then they will be provided with cash that will be enough for them. The applicant living alone in their house can get monthly cash between $1 and $1436.

2. Emergency assistance and help

The disasters happen in everyone’s life. So, unfortunately, if you got hit by some natural disaster, then the chapter 115 program will provide the necessary help and assistance. There are some veterans who are behind their rent and mortgage due to some reasons. The program is made to help such veterans in their difficult times. In case one wants to repair their home in an emergency then they can also apply for chapter 115 benefits.

3. Medical health care benefits

Health care is very important. If you are a veteran and you have to pay for medical expenses, then you can also get those expenses reimbursed. The chapter 115 benefit programs help veterans to pay their medical expenses such as

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4. State benefits for beneficiaries

The state of Massachusetts also provides other important benefits to the deserving veterans. The benefits are provided in the form of cash. The veteran can also get these benefits in any emergency situation.

Following are the other state benefits for deserving veterans:

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Who is eligible for chapter 115 benefits?

The person applying for chapter 115 benefits must be a veteran. This is a need base program so the veteran must meet the eligibility criteria for veterans benefits. The income of the beneficiary should be low up to $ 2,147.00 on monthly basis. The person should also have fewer assets up to $ 8,400.00. If the veteran dies then the benefits can be given to the deserving dependents of deceased veteran. Living spouse and children can easily qualify to receive these benefits.

Welcome home bonus for veterans

The state of Massachusetts provides benefits to the veterans who have been living as a resident in the state of Massachusetts prior to entering in the military of country. If the veteran dies due to service connected disability or in the war, then the dependents of veteran’s such as brother, sister, children, spouse, or parents will be eligible to receive this bonus from the state of commonwealth Massachusetts.

Chapter 115 benefits calculator

This calculator is based on the methods made by Massachusetts State. This will help the veterans to calculate their benefit fastly and easily. Following ways can be used to calculate the benefits of chapter 115 programs:

Chapter 115 benefits are also applicable to the dependents of the veterans after the veterans have died. The benefits are provided to beneficiaries that can range from zero dollars per month to thousand dollars per month. The veterans who are eligible for benefits can download the form from the same website and fill to submit that. The veteran department will assist the veterans who want help in filling their forms.


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