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Tuition Assistance for Dependents of Disable Veterans

Tuition assistance for dependents of disabled veterans

The dependents of the veteran who died in the line of duty get the opportunity to study and complete their degrees by having a scholarship. Therefore, a spouse or dependent of a veteran, may qualify for free college tuition. However, not all states offer the same support, each of them offering a variety of state-funded […]

17 Best Military Spouse Benefits in 2021

Military Benefits for Second Wife

It seems that Military spouses all the time face a lot of challenges, so it’s nice to have spouse benefits to balance the scale. If you are a spouse of A military person then you can have many advantages ranging from educational benefits to employment opportunities, health benefits, housing assistance, job benefits, special discounts, and […]

Student Loan Forgiveness for 100% Disabled Veterans

Student Loan Forgiveness for 100% Disabled Veterans

A 100% disabled veteran is the person who has been completely and permanently disabled due to any of service-connected disabilities. This rating is given after the complete examination of veteran by veteran affair department. An executive order passed by the president directed the Department of Education to forgive all federal student loan debt owed by […]

List of 80 Percent Disabled Veteran Benefits 2021

80 Percent Disabled Veteran Benefits

A VA disability rating is a percentage that is assigned by VA authorities to the veterans considering their service-connected disabilities. The veteran who is given a disability rating of 80% from veteran affair department receives $1,657.80 a month from the Veterans Administration. This assistance is provided to the veterans so that they can lead their […]