What are the California State Veteran Benefits?

The state of California provides many benefits to the deserving veterans for all their efforts and sacrifices. In this article we will discuss the benefits and their description in detail.

California State Veteran Benefits

The state of California recognizes the efforts of veterans and offers different types of Benefits listed below:

California Homes for Disabled veterans

The state of California has 8 different homes that are made to provide benefits to the disabled veterans of the age 55 with an honorable discharge. The veterans with 100 percent disability rating can also get admission in one of these homes easily. These 8 homes are:

  • Yountville
  • Ventura
  • Redding
  • Chula Vista
  • Lancaster
  • Fresno
  • Barstow
  • West Los Angeles

The age requirement is 55 years but if there is a homeless veteran or a disabled veteran who needs a shelter than age requirement is waived by the state of California.

Financial Calvet Farm and Home loans benefits

The state of California recognizes the efforts of veterans and offers home loans, rehabilitation loans for the disabled veterans and their dependents.

The loans provided are high rated and the application processing rate is also very quick. If there is a flood or any disaster that caused damage to the home of veteran, then the state of California also provides loans for the reconstruction of their homes.

The eligibility requirements are:

  • The disable veteran has an honorable discharge from the military service
  • The veteran has at least 90 days of active duty service in the military
  • The veteran has been given a disability rating ranging from 0 percent to 100 percent by the veteran affairs department

Property Tax exemption for veterans

California State provides property tax exemption for the disabled veterans with an honorable discharge. The amount that is waived form the real property or a personal property is up to $ 4,000.

The spouse of the deceased veteran is also eligible for this tax exemption. If the veteran has parents who are taking the pension benefits of the deceased are also eligible for the tax exemption benefits by the California state.

However, if the disabled veteran owns his own home in the California State worth $5,000 are not eligible to get tax exemption benefits.

The surviving spouse of a disabled veteran who is unmarried is also eligible to get tax exemption from their real or personal property if the veteran has died due to a service-connected disability.

The exemption of tax from the property does not depend upon the personal wealth of a veteran or spouse. The eligibility requirements for property tax exemption by the California state are specific and the veterans have to meet the requirements first to get these benefits.

Relief fund for disabled veterans

The California relief fund is made for the disable veterans and the deserving veterans who need financial assistance for their families. The veterans needing financial assistance for short term are also eligible to get relief fund by the California State.

The families of veterans who been badly impacted by the deployment are also eligible for the relief fund as this fund is set for such families by the state.

California Veterans employment preference

The disabled veterans and veterans who are honorably discharged from the service are set at the top list for state jobs. The veterans with 100 percent disability rating are also ranked at the top list.

The surviving spouse of disabled veterans and their dependent children are also given preference for the state jobs.

College tuition fee waiver for veteran’s dependents

The state of California has waived the mandatory fees for the dependents for disabled veterans. The dependents can get free education from any of the California state colleges, schools, or universities.

The dependents have to meet the eligibility criteria that are divided into four different categories:

Plan A

According to this plan following requirements must be met by the dependent to get the education benefits:

  • A child of a disabled veteran who has some service connected injury. The age of dependent must be between 14 to 27 years. If the child is a veteran is itself, then the age limit to get education benefits is extended up to 30 years.
  • The spouse to 100 percent disabled veteran or the surviving spouse of the veteran is eligible
  • The disabled veteran must have given his services for one year at least in the war time

Plan B

The education benefits are also provided to the disabled child of disabled veteran or the child who has a service connected disability. However, there are some limits for the children such as limit on the income.

According to plan B, the wartime services of a veteran is not specific and there is no specific age requirement by the state. However, only dependent children are eligible to get these benefits according to plan B.

The children can receive veteran affair benefits and plan B benefits at the same time.

Plan C

The surviving spouse of disabled veteran who dies in the line of duty or war is eligible for educational benefits according to this plan.

The dependents of any member who has a service-connected disability, or who was killed during the war are also able to get the education at any institute of California.

Fishing and Hunting licenses for the disabled veterans

The residents of California State, who are disabled veterans, can get a sportsman license with 50 percent discount. The license covers almost everything such as the disabled veterans can do fishing, hunting, and other permits on a very low cost or for free.

The disabled veterans who are given a disability rating of 100 percent can get fishing and hunting license for at least five years. If the veteran is not a California resident, he can still get the benefits of availing the hunting and fishing license.

California state Cemeteries for veterans

There are two different cemeteries that are present in the California state for the disabled veterans and their families. The state allows the burial of a disabled veteran in the cemetery for free.

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