Best Western Veterans Discount 2023

Best Western Veterans Discount: Get a 10% discount on Best Western® Hotels & Resorts in North America if you looking for Best Western Veterans Discount and have a keen interest in traveling discounts. Bets Western is a popular hotel chain among many others and they provide their services in many places across the globe as well. They also offer military discounts and veteran discounts to serve back for their selfless and devoted services to the nation. Veterans are proud of the nation and they bring back prosperity and honor to the country.

Best Western Veterans Discount 2022

There are more than 2700 hotels which are offering services and discounts for active or former military members. Military travelers and their dependents as well as Veterans will enjoy the discount after the verification. Best Western provides amazing services with great values and modern amenities.

Best Western Veterans Discount

Military members both present and retired and veterans can save a huge amount of money by choosing Best Western as their staying option. The hotel has a minimum cost and on top of that special discount for the veterans. The discount here does not mean that percentage off of the price of a room but it depends upon the reservation and location.

Does Best Western give veteran discounts?

There is a Western discount available for Veterans. Best Western hotels are offering a special discount for military and Veterans and if you are a member of the military then you can enjoy a 10% discount. The veterans can search for the availability of hotel rooms once they decide to stay there. Then they can check for the discount available. The veterans will have to go through the process of searching before leaving for their trip.

Best Western Hotels and resorts have hundreds of rooms but the discount may not be on all of them. So the veterans will have to look before finalizing their booking. They must select the room that offers veteran and military discounts. The hotels can get quite expensive but with Best Western, you can save a huge amount of money.

How to get Best Western Veterans Discount?

When you travel somewhere in North America or anywhere else and visit Best Western hotels then you will be able to get a 10% discount. This discount is available for you only if you are a Veteran or Military member. You can claim your discount after verification. For the verification purpose, you need to show your ID card of military membership or other documents which represent you as a veteran or part of the military.

Now after the verification, it is now easy to get a discount in these hotels. If you love to travel across the World then you can enjoy and love this discount. There are many hotels available for you. Wherever Best Western hotels are available you can stay there and after showing proof get your military or Veterans Discount.

Who qualifies for the Best Western Veteran discount?

Best Western Hotels and resorts provide discounts to veterans and military members so that they can enjoy their leisure time with their families. The discount gets the veterans to save their money and enjoy their time. These discounts are provided as a thank you gesture to the veterans for their devoted services. The following members can easily qualify for Best Western discounts

  • Federal and government members
  • military personnel
  • active duty and retired personnel
  • navy and coast guard members
  • veterans
  • contractors with reimbursable cost

The above-mentioned members will have to show their identity cards for verification before availing of the discount from the hotel.

What is the Best Western service rewards program for veterans?

The service reward program is provided by the chain of hotels and resorts to the veterans to show gratitude and pride for their services. All the customers are eligible for this program but the veterans and military members can get special discounts and deals. There are certain ways by which the veteran can reach the service reward program such as they will have to have many stays at the place. This will get them the gold level.
The service reward program lets the veterans earn coins during their stay and this will get them a free stay at the Best Western hotel in the future. Isn’t that amazing? Furthermore, the veterans can also earn points by spending on hotel chains. They can get a maximum of 10 points by spending only one dollar. the more the points the better it is for a free stay in the future. The veterans can also level up to the platinum and diamond level by increasing their number of stays at Best Western hotels and resorts.

Restrictions for Best Western discounts

Active service members of the military and veterans will have to show some proof of their service. They can either show their identity card or some paperwork. Paperwork will be proof of their service that will show their name and status in the department. Best Western has many rooms but there are certain rooms that are available at a discount. So the veterans must check on rooms before booking with Best Western hotels.


Best Western has many chains across the world and offers some quality services to its customers. Veterans have this option to save in many ways by option Best Western as their staying partner. It not only provides a 10 % discount to the veterans but also gives coins on spending money. These coins will be helpful in the future as they will win veterans a free stay. It is always better to check in with the management or the website to find the rooms at a discounted price. Save money with Best Western.


Note: For the latest updates about discounts from top brands you need to stay tuned with us. If Best Western is going to announce anything else on Veterans Day 2022, we will provide you with complete details in advance. So stay tuned for the latest updates and share them with your friends and family members.

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