Best Life Insurance for Veterans 2022 – The 6 Best Life Insurance Companies for Veterans

The meaning of the word veteran is old. Therefore, a veteran is a person who has experience in a particular field. A veteran is a person who is no longer serving in a particular field. Similarly, the veteran can be of the military and if he has served during the time of war then he is known as a war veteran.

The veterans work hard for their country and sacrifice their lives so that the people can sleep in peace at night. The government provides different facilities to the veterans to help them live independent life.

Best Life Insurance for veterans 2022

The veteran affairs department is set to provide benefits to the veteran beneficiaries. Life insurance benefit is also given by the veteran affair department to the deserving ones.

The insurance can be provided to the service member, their spouse or dependent children. Working in the military of the country involves many extraordinary risks.

Best Life Insurance for veterans 2021

The department provides insurance so the veteran will know that their family is protected. The amount of benefit provided to the veterans varies with their condition and disability rating.

What is Life insurance?

Life insurance is a kind of contract between the policyholders and insurers. The insurer provides the designated benefit to the policyholder or their family. The insurance can be provided upon the death of the holder or other events such as when the person gets injured or develops a critical illness, etc.

6 Best Life insurance companies for veterans

The veterans who are active on duty can receive up to $400,000 in life insurance. There are many companies that offer best life insurance for veterans such as prudential veterans insurance, American armed forces insurance, uniformed services association, military benefit association, etc. The best life insurance is provided by a prudential group with positive rating.

#1. Prudential veterans group life insurance

This is among the best companies that offer life insurance coverage to veterans and their families. The veterans can get this insurance plan without giving any medical exams.

This company has a long history in providing the insurance to the beneficiaries. The company provides insurance for active duty members and their family members.

The life insurance is being provided to millions of veterans since 1974. The Prudential veteran’s group life insurance guarantees life time insurance to the service members irrespective of their health and job.


#2. American armed forces mutual aid association life insurance

This company offers life insurance to the senior citizens. The life insurance is given to the citizens up to the age of 84 years. The veterans can get this insurance without going through any medical examination.

It has been about 140 years of this company providing the insurance to beneficiaries. The company was founded in 1879. The coverage of American armed forces mutual aid association life insurance is available in the whole country.

#3. New York life insurance

The New York life insurance is also the best option as it has many options for the veterans. This insurance is very flexible and it also provides death benefits to the veterans.

Till now New York life insurance has provided insurance to millions of people with excellent customer satisfaction. Veterans choose this life insurance over others due to its death benefits.

This company was founded in 1845 and since then it has maintained the highest ratings. The plans of coverage are incredible that provide amazing opportunities to save money. The company is also responsible to pay dividends to the customers.

#4. Mass mutual life insurance

If you are a veteran and want to get life insurance plan then mass mutual life insurance is best for you. This plan offers dividends. This is an amazing opportunity for veterans as they will be given access to living benefits.

This is the best way to preserve wealth. The company also offers permanent life insurance options to the veterans. The company has excellent rating and strength record.

Life insurance also provides long-term care to veterans and has accelerated benefits for the veterans who have been diagnosed with severe medical illnesses. The disabled veterans also get long-term care plans from the Mass mutual life insurance.

#5. Northwestern mutual life insurance

The veterans who are looking for life insurance plans for their families’ then Northwestern mutual life insurance are best for them. The company provides insurance policies for the children and parent of veteran sand also increases the coverage with time.

It is the largest insurance provided in the country and has been rated at the top. The company is present since 1859 and has best record in customer satisfaction. The company also provides dividends to the policyholders. This option of dividends for the young families helps them build cash over time.

There are many other options that this company provides that allow the users to increase the coverage as the family grows. This Northwestern mutual life insurance also provides other benefits such as;

  • Living benefits for veterans and their families
  • Purchase benefits
  • The veterans can add to the insurance until the age of 40.

#6. VA Service-Disabled veterans insurance

This is the best choice for disabled veterans and their dependents. There are certain eligibility requirements that the veterans must meet before applying for VA service-disabled veterans insurance by the department.

The amount of insurance provided is almost $10,000. It can be difficult for disabled veterans to enroll for life insurance because there are certain policies that require a complete medical examination.

There are certain companies that deny health insurance coverage to the disabled veterans but the veteran affair department provides full coverage to the veterans so that they can secure their future.

The veterans who are completely and totally disabled can get the coverage for free and they can also purchase additional plans from the VA service disabled veterans insurance.

How much life insurance do you need?

it’s a good idea to have enough to cover:

  • 7-10 times your annual salary
  • Your mortgage balance and other debts
  • Future college costs
  • Funeral costs

Final verdict

It is not easy for veterans to get life insurance as many factors are tested such as health conditions, service related disabilities. Many different insurance companies were discussed in this article along with their focus. So, it is easy for veteran now to get life insurance for them and their families to secure their future.

Compare the Best Life Insurance Companies for Veterans

  Company   AM Best Rating   Coverage Capacity   Issue Ages   Premiums   Policies Offered
New York Life
Best Overall
A++ $5,000,000 and up 75 to 90 Varies Term life, whole life, universal life, variable universal life
Best for Cash Values
A++ $10,000,000 Up to 90 Varies Term life, convertible term life, whole life, universal life, variable universal life
Northwestern Mutual
Best for Young Families
A++ $10,000,000 Up to 80 Varies Term life, whole life, universal life, variable universal life, survivorship life
Best Term for Senior Veterans
A+ $65,000,000 Up to 85 Varies Term, universal, indexed universal, variable universal
Best Price
A++ $10,000,000 Not listed Varies Term, whole, universal
Best Group Plan Options
N/A $650,000 Up to 65 Varies Term, whole
Navy Mutual
Best for No Medical Exam
N/A $1,500,000 Up to 80 Varies Term, whole
VA Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance
Best for Disabled Veterans
N/A $10,000 Up to 65 Varies Term, whole


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