Best Car Insurance For Veterans and Family Members 2023

A veteran is a person who serves in the forces of the country. A veteran is an experienced person who spends majority of his life serving his nation. The government of the United States offers many benefits to the veterans to reward them for their services.

Car insurance is set for veterans to help them and assist them to live an independent life. The military members and veterans often get deployed to other countries overseas, these changes in the duties of members do not require the car coverage. The car insurance companies provide coverage for men and women.

There are some car insurances that are for active military members and veterans and some other that offer special discounts to the personals.

Best Car insurance for Veterans by companies

There are many companies in the country that provide car insurance to veterans and active-duty members. This insurance is very useful as the veterans can use their cars for a longer time.

Best Life Insurance for veterans and family

The insurance is provided at discounted rates to the veterans and their family members. The companies provide insurance at the cheapest rate. Following are the companies and details about their coverage plans.

USAA car insurance

USAA is the cheapest car insurance available for veterans. The company provides insurance at the cheapest rates and this has been in the market since 1922.

The company offers discounts to safe drivers, new vehicle discount, and also loyalty discount. The insurance is provided to the people who are affiliated in the military including:

  • Active duty members and National guard reserves
  • Dependent members of the family
  • Veterans

This company has been in the top list and was rated five out of five by the Money geek. The company has provided the best customer satisfaction to their customers. Also USAA offers features to the veterans such as they can get 60 percent off for storing their vehicle.

If the veterans want to get comprehensive coverage on their vehicle, then you can get a 15 percent discount. The veterans who have some sort of body injury are also liable for car coverage insurance.

In case of collision, the company provides full coverage to the members along with personal injury protection and treatment. The veterans who do not own a car and have to rent it can be reimbursed by the company.


  • This is all in one as it provides insurance at discounted price and fulfills banking needs
  • The car insurance is available in the whole country
  • The military members can get several unique discounts from the company


  • Only military members, veterans and their dependents are eligible to get this USAA insurance


GEICO car insurance

After USAA, GEICO car insurance is the second cheapest car insurance for veterans and military members. The company offers greater discounts for collisions, injury protection, and car reimbursement.

The company has a number that the military members and veterans can call so that they can learn more about the insurance and needs. The members who are retired or honorably discharged from the service are also eligible to get this car insurance.

The military people are given 15 percent discount. The GEICO car insurance has also set special military discounts in case of emergency such as:

  • Deployment of member in emergency
  • Insurance to the people who have membership of some professional organizations


  • The company gives 15 percent discount to military members and veterans
  • The insurance is available in 50 state
  • Discount available with good coverage


  • Discounts are less for active duty deployment
  • The children of members can get no discounts

Armed forces insurance

This insurance provider has been issuing the car insurance since 1887 to the veterans and their family members. The company provides coverage to not only veterans but also to their children, spouse, relatives, and the drivers who use their cars.

The company provides car insurance with good coverage along with insurance for other type of vehicles such as motorcycle. The company also provides discount to the users who have good driving record with no accidents.

The veterans who are enrolled in multiple policies can also get good discounted coverage from the Armed forces insurance. This insurance company is present in at least 50 different states of America.

So, you can easily find from their website and get further information. All the active duty military members and veterans, retired personals from military, retired members from National Guard services can get car coverage on a discounted price.

The company also has a plus rating if we talk about their customer satisfaction. Overall, this insurance is best for veterans and military members due to its coverage plans and discounts.


  • The company has a long history of providing car insurance to the veterans
  • The civilians who are working in the military can also get their insurance
  • This insurance is available in the 50 states


  • Some discounts are not specified by the insurance company

State Farm car insurance

The state farm is another car insurance provider that offers no discount but has lowest rates for veterans and military members. The veterans have another advantage that they can get other discounts that are available to reduce the premium.

The veterans and military members who have a safe driving record can get good benefits from state farm car insurance. The state farm has lowest rates as compared to USAA and GEICO as well.

State farm offers discount to the veterans who drive for three years and do not violate any rule. The insurance provider has a program designed especially for the drivers under the age of 25.

This is an online course that upon completion the company offers up to 20 percent discount on the insurance premium.


  • Available for military members and veterans
  • Provides online course
  • Rates are lower than any other car insurance providers


  • Offers no special discounts for veterans
  • Is available in only few states

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