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Best Brands Offering Free Stuff for Veterans or military

The person who enrolls himself in the military service gets a white array of military discounts and deals offered by numerous businesses. Different companies across the countries offer great deals on the things like flights, hotels, car rental, and many more.

Some brands across the country offer greater discounts to show their appreciation and gratitude for the military members. They offer free stuff for the veterans and their dependence who are currently serving in the military.

Best 12 brands offering free stuff for veterans

In this article, we have compiled 12 of the brands that the military members should know.

Veteran RX

The prescribed drugs are the need of the person and they cannot avoid paying for them. Veteran RX prescription discount program pays money for necessary medications. There are about 35000 pharmacies across the country that offers discount up to 80% to the regular medical prescription of 2 veterans.


Beachbody is the fitness training skill. The military members who got some good skills can coach at the beach bodies methods which is the most popular physical training technique. With the help of the military waiver program, the veteran can access the military courses to become a satisfied coach of beachboy that will be completely free of cost. This program is available to all the members who have served for the country and are serving in the present or past.

Blue star theatres

It is a program being run in the theatre communication group that has a wide network of about 179 theatres across 42 different states. The purpose of these theatres is to bring the thrill of seeing live plays and entertainment. This entertainment is available to military members and families across the nation for free.

National Park Service

The military members with their families, past of present, can get into the countries well-known national parks without paying any admission fee. The military members have to show their IDs while getting in the park. This is an amazing offer.

The military members also provided free annual passes so that any active duty, national guard personnel can sign up for. The process to sign up is very simple and it gives access to 2000 beautiful and historic parks overseen by the national park services.

Veterans Day Meals

The concept of free meal on veterans day is a unique method of showing appreciation and gratitude to them. Different restaurants such as Applebee’s, Chilies, as well as other local places offer popular meals to all the veterans, retirees, active-duty personnel, and members of national guard services.

Baseball Hall of fame

Baseball is one of the most important and famous sports in America. The baseball hall of fame in NY offers great discounts for military members belonging to a veterans organization. If the member is active duty and retired personnel, then he can get 100% free admission all year long.

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

The program known as waves of the owner is run by SeaWorld parks and entertainment. It includes services such as Busch Gardens, sesame place, and many more that offer free entry. The entry is offered at all the establishments to the military persons and the offer is available all year long to those currently serving including all personnel, veterans, and national guards.

9/11 Memorial and Museum

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum is built on the sight of tragedy to commemorates and memorize the tribute to the 1000’s who lost their lives. It is a deeply affecting tribute to the countless heroes who saved many people on 11 September 2001. Veterans can enter to 9/11 memorial and museum for only dollar 18 per person. But the entry is completely free for active duty and retired personnel.

Museum of modern art, New York city

Museum of modern art is situated in the New York City, is among the well-known popular cultural institution that has a massive collection of contemporary art in the world. It has a regularly changing roster of different and spectacular exhibits and exhibitions. All the active members of the military, as well as dependent family members, can experience these amazing pieces of art for free at any time of the year with their appropriate IDs.

Professional golfer’s Association

Professional golfer’s Association provides many services for the military community. The services include fundraising events in order to support military charities. This program of PGA also provides free tickets to the active community members to the tournaments happening around the community.


One of the most popular attractions for tourists in Atlanta, known as the world of Coca Cola is a huge museum. The name is dedicated to one of the most famous brands of soft drink. The military members are allowed to enter in the museum for free by only showing their appropriate id cards.

If the military member is using or planning to use the GI bill or they have children or spouse in the school. Then is a great source for those who want to complete their education in their field of choice. This is a great opportunity as is an online service available to veterans and their dependence at any time and any place.

It is super convenient as due to covid-19 the schools are closed around the globe also covid-19 has greatly increased the online learning system. provides its services for free for the veterans their dependents including their spouse and children.

The covid-19 has greatly affected the education system around the globe. The students are lagging in their studies and really need a proper system. Hence, is there to provide a complete and comprehensive course to the children. So that they can overcome the gap in their academics caused due to pandemics.


All the services describedd above are not actually free, the military members give many sacrifices and face hardships due to their service. All the services provided are the result of the sacrifices of the military members, veterans, national guard personnel. As a member of the military community, the military members and their dependents deserve all the advantages and benefits available to them free of charge.

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