Benefits of GI Bill for veterans | Education, Training and Housing Allowance

GI Bill is a term that is used to represent the benefits that are granted to the active duty service members and veterans for education purposes. The federal government offers different education benefits to the veterans and they have many options to choose from.

But, the veterans and other members should have an idea about the program offered by GI Bill that will suit them. The veteran affairs department offers the benefits by using the trademark of the GI Bill. Veterans and other active duty members can acquire the benefits based on their service and disability.

Benefits of GI Bill for veterans

Veterans can use many benefits under the trademark of the GI Bill. They can also get the training benefits for different graduate and undergraduate colleges and universities. Following benefits can be granted under this trademark

  • Training for certificate programs offered at the institute
  • On the job training for veterans and other active-duty members
  • Training for the flight
  • Courses that are not offered by the college
  • Training for apprenticeship

Who is eligible for the GI Bill?

The veterans and active duty members are eligible for the benefits of the GI Bill. The veteran must have served as an active duty member in the military of a country for at least 90 days after.

The benefits are also available for the veterans who are retired from the military with an honorable discharge. The benefits basically depend upon the time a member spends in the military. If he spends greater time in the military while serving his country, then he will receive many benefits from GI Bill.

  • A 100 percent disabled veteran can receive the benefits if they have served for 36 months or more
  • Veterans with 90 percent disability should spend 30 months to get these benefits
  • 80 percent of a disabled veterans can receive the benefits if they have served 24 months in the military
  • Veteran with a 70 percent rating need to spend at least 18 months
  • 60 percent disability requires 12 months of service
  • 50 percent disability requires 6 months of service to get these GI Bill benefits

Benefits for dependents

The dependents of the veterans who have served in the military or who died while on the line of duty can get GI Bill benefits. The spouse or children can complete their education by using the education benefits of GI Bill.

However, these benefits are only available to the children of veterans until they reach the age of 33 years. After this age they will not get these benefits. The spouse can get these benefits if they do not remarry for at least 15 years after the death of their beloved.

How much GI Bill pays for college?

GI Bill pays for the education fee, housing allowance on the monthly basis, money for books and other necessary supplies, etc. The veterans or their dependents who study at the public colleges will get full tuition fee from the department. If the student studies at the private college then the benefits will not be the same.

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GI Bill Housing Allowance benefits 2022

The GI Bill is a program set for the veterans to assist them with their life need. This program provides a monthly housing allowance to disabled veterans based on their disability rating. The allowance is given based on the zip code. The amount of allowance depends upon the need for a house.

The disabled veterans can buy a new home for them with the help of this allowance or they can also modify the already existing home. The veterans can apply for the allowance online or they can visit the veteran affair department in the state. Every state has the regional office that assists the veterans and fulfills their demands.

Transferring GI Bill to dependents

GI bill provides many benefits to the veterans under one umbrella. If the veteran has not used all of his benefits then he can transfer them to their spouse or dependent. The dependents can get the benefits like tuition grant, housing grant, books and other necessary supplies.

These transferable benefits can be used by the children once the parent has completed at least 10 years in the service. The children can also use these grants if their parents are on active duty. The dependents can qualify for the GI bill benefit even if the child dependent marries or spouse gets a divorce.

The US department of defense makes a final decision upon the transfer of benefits. To transfer the benefits the veteran has to apply in the transfer education benefit program.

Montgomery GI Bill benefit

Montgomery GI Bill is also a program that is reserved to provide education benefits to the veterans and active duty members. The important thing about this program is that it provides education for up to 36 months to the selected members. This program selects the members based on their eligibility criteria and then provides benefits to them.

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Who is eligible for Montgomery GI Bill Benefits?

If you are a veteran or active duty member then you can get the education benefits for up to 36 months under Montgomery Bill. The veteran affair department has set the eligibility criteria for the members to get these 36 month education benefits. Following things must be considered first before applying for Montgomery GI Bill benefit

  • The veteran or active duty member has served for at least 6 years in the services
  • The member applying for benefits must have taken the training for their initial active duty
  • The character and behavior of the member while on active duty must be of good standard
  • To get the education benefits the member must have to complete their high school first and have a high school degree.
  • The dependents of veterans can also get the benefits if the veteran has served in the military for 6 years or
  • The veteran died in the line of duty or due to their service connected disability

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