Benefits for Retired Military Spouses

Explanation of Benefits for Retired Military Spouses

The retirement means the end of a long road. The military spouse puts in a lot of hard work and months of waiting on their spouse to come home. The military member often gets their duty overseas. So, the spouse has to work alone and manage all the things at back home. They take care of the children and parent of a service member alone. The military retirement has many benefits for the service member and the spouse as well.

Benefits for Retired Military Spouses

Military spouse faces many hurdles and challenges due to their military service members. The department of veteran affairs has decided to give the benefits to the spouses as well to balance the scale. The spouse of military personnel get many benefits such as educational benefits, employment opportunities, health benefits, housing and car assistance, job benefits, special discounts on special days, and many more.

Benefits for Retired Military Spouses

Heath and dental care is also provided to the spouse of a retiree. The veteran and their dependents remain eligible for Tricare even after the retirement of a member. Shopping privilege is also provided to the spouse as the living expenses of the family go up due to the retirement.

Military spouse health benefits

Military spouses are eligible to receive many health benefits by the state. They can get benefits of up to $ 100,000 in their life insurance coverage. Military members can first elect their family member to get these benefits during his service. The amount selected will be provided to the spouse or dependents and the amount cannot exceed. The dependent can contact the military office personnel for further information.

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Lodging and recreation benefit

The military retiree can get the lodging and recreation from the department for their stay at different lodges. The military members can get a chance to spend their vacation overseas with their spouse and children. Back to school benefits are also available for the spouse of a retiree.

Employment opportunities

The employment opportunities are provided to the military service members and their dependents. The main preference while selecting a candidate for a job is given to military dependents such as their spouse or children. With this opportunity, the spouse of a retiree will get a chance to complete their needs.

Free health care

If the spouse requires health care, then they may qualify for the health care benefits due to the disability or retirement of their service member. The department will provide the benefits from the hospitals such as birth, surgeries, High Blood Pressure or Hypertension, mental and physical care, training, etc. If the spouse requires care at home, the trained nursing staff will be provided.

Other benefits for spouse

There are other benefits that are provided to the military retiree spouse that are following:

What are retired military death benefits for spouses?

There is a compensation known as dependency and indemnity compensation that is set for the survivors of deceased veterans and military members. To get this compensation, the surviving spouse will have to see the following requirements for the veteran:

  • The member died for a disease or injury that he got while on active duty or training
  • An injury, a heart attack, or any other disease that became the reason for death while the member was on active duty
  • The member died of a condition that is directly related to the service-connected disability that he got during his service

This compensation is also given to the survivors of military members who died from other conditions but were disabled at the time of their death.


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