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Arkansas States Military and Veterans Benefits

Summary of Arkansas Veterans Benefits: the resident military members and their families of the Arkansas are eligible to get property tax exemptions, state employment preferences, education and tuition assistance, vehicle tags, as well as hunting and fishing license grant. Veterans Benefits eligibility may differ and depend upon the situation like veterans disability status or residency.

Arkansas Veterans Benefits

As you know there are a lot of military members veterans are the residence in the states of Ankransas. as inflation rates rises after the pandemic, most of the veterans are not able to pay even their utility bills and also can not even obtain food, pay their rent, and cover the costs of utilities each month.

To overcome such difficulties States of Arkansas provide different veterans benefits that help those in need. There are multiple veterans benefits programs and it is highly recommended that you must apply more than one programs  to see which ones you may be approved for.

Arkansas Veteran Financial Benefits

What are my Arkansas Military Veteran State Taxes Benefits? 

States of Arkansas has Taxes Benefits for veterans which are listed below:

Arkansas Veterans Home

The Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs (ADVA) operates two types of State Veterans Homes located in Fayetteville and North Little Rock. These Home care center provide care for Veterans and their eligible Family members.

There are some Requirements for admission:

Arkansas Veteran Hiring Preference

Arkansas States provides hiring preference to the veterans with an honorable discharge or reserve/guard members with at least six years service will get a 5 point preference on state hiring exams. in case of Disability veterans and spouse will be give 10 point preference.

Arkansas Education Benefits

Free Tuition for Dependents

Arkansas States has the Best Scholarship programs under which the Military Dependents Scholarship provides a waiver of tuition, fees, room and board at any public college, university, or technical institute in Arkansas for dependents and spouses of Arkansans.

Arkansas Veteran Recreation Benefits

Discounted Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Retired Veterans over 60 or the veterans with permanent disability and are the residents of Arkansas are eligible to get the discount on hunting, fishing or combination license. but remember that all special stamps and required endorsements must still be purchased.

Active Duty Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Active duty members resident of the state of Arkansas can get licenses at the discount rate.

All special stamps and endorsements must still be purchased.

Arkansas State Parks

Arkansas resident veterans who are 100% permanently disabled can get half price camping in most Arkansas State Parks.

Arkansas State Veteran Cemeteries 

It is the duty of The staff of the Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery to provide an honorable place of rest for veterans. In Arkansas States, there are two State Veterans Cemeteries, one can be found in North Little Rock, and another one in Birdeye.

Military Veterans who have an other than dishonorable discharge are eligible for interment, along with certain others. Veteran’s Spouses and dependent children of the veterans are also eligible for this benefit. There is no cost for the veteran and a $300 cost for the spouse or dependent.

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