Are Merchant Marines Considered Veteran? (Eligibility of Merchant Mariners)

The merchant marines refer to the civilian marines that work in moving cargo and passengers with in the country or across the nations. They operate in the deep sea or in the lakes and oceans. These marines work on civilian basis as they are not the part of any force. Merchant marines support and work with the military of country during the hard times and wars. These marines are not considered as the veterans by the federal government due to certain eligibility criteria.

Are Merchant Marines Considered Veteran?

Generally, merchant marines are not considered veterans for the purpose of eligibility for federal benefits but merchant marines who served during the world war in 1985 and 1988 are the only merchants that are considered as veterans.

Are Merchant Marines Considered Veteran

The status of veteran for merchant marine

The merchant marines were not considered as veterans until World War 2. It took about 75 years for the marines and it is still counting. The veterans who were part of war were given many benefits such as GI Bill, home loans, education assistance, etc to live an independent life. But the merchant marines that served in the war and lost their lives were given no such benefits.

After the four decades, these merchant marines got the fruit of their hard work as they were recognized as veterans finally. These marines got these benefits too late and they were no use to them. The merchant marines suffered the most death during the World War 2 along with the veterans.

Do merchant marines get a pension?

The merchant marine is also considered as the fourth arm of defense of a country. The members of marines have achieved so many honors for serving the military of country. These people need recognition so it the duty of common man to get the recognition for these hard working and brave people.

The services of marines should be recognized by the country and hence they should be given the benefits. These civilians should also be given retirement benefits and pension by the federal government. They need recognition by the people, by the state.

What are merchant marines benefits Vietnam?

Vietnam had the merchant marines that transported ships and aircraft during the war. These marines served bravely during the war and supported the military and veterans. Grenades and other weapons were transported on the ships with the help of merchant marines. These people gave their lives at the cost of 1 to 16. They were not recognized as veterans and were not given any benefits. After many decades they were finally given the status of veteran. But this status was only for the merchant marines that served during the World War 2.

Is marine eligible for veteran benefits?

The federal government has received many inquiries about making the merchant marines of World War 2 veterans and gives them the veteran’s benefits. In 1988, finally the foundation has decided to give benefits to certain eligible merchant marines. Benefits were provided to those only who qualified for the veteran’s benefits by the state.

The merchant marines that served during the war and have a discharge certificate may get these benefits. The survivors of deceased merchant marines can also apply for the benefits. Medical care and health benefits are also given to the deserving marines.

The merchant marines also eligible for burial and death benefits in case they apply to the department of veteran affairs. Burial allowance and burial flag benefits are given to the merchant marines who served with the military during the war only. Also, they can be buried in the cemetery of veterans.



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