Alabama States Military and Veterans Benefits

In addition to state tax breaks, exemptions from property taxes, the Alabama National Guard Tuition Scholarship Program, financial aid for education and tuition, vehicle tags, preference in hiring for state jobs, and privileges with hunting and fishing licenses, Alabama offers special benefits to service members, veterans, and their families. A veteran’s disability status, military service, and place of residence may all affect their eligibility for certain benefits.

Alabama States Veterans Benefits

In order to assist military veterans and their families there is an Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs (ADVA) by VA department. These ADVA Veterans Service Offices located throughout Alabama States that can assist Veterans, and their Families find and applying for veterans benefits under federal, state, and local laws. the services provided by the ADVA are totally free of cost. Here is Alabama Veterans Service Office Directory

Alabama States Veterans Benefits


Enlist down there are some of the services provided are:

  • Processing compensation and pension applications
  • Appeal VA decisions
  • File for survivor death benefits
  • Apply for aid and attendance and housebound benefits
  • Certification of claim documents
  • Request military service records
  • Upgrade military discharges
  • Apply for special military and Veteran license plates

Learn more about Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs, Alabama Veterans Service Offices.

Alabama Military and Veterans State Tax Benefits

Alabama Military Retired Pay Income Tax Exemption: One of the best Alabama states veterans benefits that exempts all military retirement pay from all state, county or municipal income taxes. in disability case if you want to purchase a motor vehicle with a Veterans affairs grant you don’t need to pay license fees or any ad valorem taxes on it. the question can be arise here that

Who is eligible for the Alabama Military Retired Pay Income Tax Exemption?

All Retired services members who are receiving a pension or retired pay are eligible for income tax exemption.

Here you can learn more about the Alabama Military Retired Pay Income Tax Exemption

Tax Exemption for Military Combat Pay

Another Alabama States veterans benefits that a veteran who take part in war zone and Pay received in a designated combat zone will be exempted from income tax.

Alabama State Taxes on U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Military Disability Retirement Pay: 

Any payment received as Military Disability Retirement Pay as a pension fund, annuity, or similar allowance from the United States Armed forces should be deducted from income tax.

Enlist down there are some payments that are considered Military Disability benefits:

  • Disability compensation and pension received by the  Veterans or their Families
  • Grants for motor vehicles for Veterans who lost their sight or the use of limbs, or
  • Benefits under a dependent-care assistance program
  • Grants for homes designed for wheelchair living

for more details see IRS Publication 525 for more information.

Learn more about Alabama State Taxes on U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Military Disability Retirement Pay

Disability Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC): 

Service members who died during duty time or members whose death resulted from a service-connected injury or disease are eligible for DIC which is a tax-free monetary benefit.

here are the more details U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs DIC Fact Sheet


Alabama Homestead Tax Exemption for Residents over age 65, Blind or Totally Disabled:

Homestead exemption offered by the Alabama for all states, county and city property taxes for residents who comes under the below requirements:

  • Military members must be the Alabama resident
  • age over 65 and gross income is under $12,000, or
  • Retired due to permanent and total disability, regardless of age
  • Blind, regardless of age or whether they are retired

What is the Alabama Homestead Exemption?

A homestead is referred as the single-Family homeowner and the land it is on, the area must not exceed 160 acres. The property owner must be the primary owner and occupy the land as their primary residence on the first day of the tax year that they are applying for.
Alabama Homestead Exemption Chart

Special Adapted Housing Grants

The home of a Veteran, or their Surviving Spouse, that is acquired through a VA Specially Adapted Housing Grant, regardless of its value, is exempt from all Alabama property taxes.

Learn more about Homes of Veterans or Unremarried Surviving Spouses, Acquired under a Special Adapted Housing Grant are Exempt from Ad Valorem Taxes

Vehicles Paid for by a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Grant

There will be no tax on the Vehicles owned by a disabled Veteran that are all or partly paid for by the VA. it will be exempt from all license fees and property taxes. Remember that this vehicle must only be used for the private use of the Veteran.

Alabama Military and Veterans Education Benefits

Alabama National Guard Education Assistance Program(ANGEAP): In order to provide Veterans Education assistance there are many organization exists in the united states and ANGEAP is one of them. it provides inancial educational assistance to Alabama National Guard Service members that are enrolled in an Alabama State Supported School.

The best thing about ANGEAP is that it covers tuition and fees of student that are not covered by the VA programs. The amount reserved per semester is $5,080 for up to 120 academic hours.

Who is eligible for the ANGEAP? 

In order to be eligible for this benefits the student must meet the following creteria:

  • Age must be up to 17 years or older
  • On duty and having in good standing with the Alabama National Guard
  • Completed basic training
  • Pursuing first undergraduate or postgraduate degree
  • student must have enrolled in for a certificate or degree program of education institution in Alabama.
  • Student score must be a 2.00 GPA for undergraduate degrees, 3.00 GPA for graduate degrees at the end of each semester
  • Must attached Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file
  • financial need of at least $100.

Here is more details ANGEAP Fact Sheet
Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program Application

Learn more about the Alabama National Guard Education Assistance Program

Alabama G.I. Dependent Scholarship Program

In order to provide assistance in education Alabama offers scholarships for dependent of disabled veterans. Student can avail these scholarships at any Alabama State Supported School for undergraduate courses at the in-state tuition rate.

This program covers an amount of $250 payment per semester hour and up to $1,000 for textbooks and applicable fees for each semester.

Who is eligible for the Alabama G.I. Dependent Scholarship Program? 

If you are dependent of the eligible veterans you will be eligible for the programs. the Veterans must meet the criteria defined by the VA department. Veterans  must have been honorably discharged after 90 days consecutive duty in the United states Amed forces or after serving less than 90 days because of any service-connected disability.

Another criteria is defined by the VA is that veterans must meet disability requirements like as under

  • 40% or more service-connected disability rating from the VA
  • Former prisoner of war
  • Declared missing in action
  • Died as the result of a service-connected disability, or
  • Died in the line of duty while serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Resident Requirements:

  • To meet Residency requirements Veterans must be the permanent resident of the Alabama States for at least one year prior to initial entry onto active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Student Requirements:

  • Alabama resident
  • Complete a FAFSA for each academic year
  • Demonstrate satisfactory academic progress (as defined by their education institution)
  • Complete a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act release form for the school they are attending.

For more information Here is the details
ADVA Veterans Service Office Directory
Alabama G.I. Dependents Scholarship Program Pamphlet

Learn more about the Alabama G.I. Dependent Scholarship Programbout the Alabama Purple Star School Program Military-Friendly Schools

Alabama Veterans Employment Benefits



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