Additional Benefits for 100 Percent Disabled Veterans

A 100 percent disability rating is given to the person who is completely and totally disabled. This rating is either assigned by the department of veteran’s affairs or TDIU. The ratings are giv

en on a scale from zero to 100. The rating is based on the amount of disability caused during the service or war. The disability can be pre existed that got worsen due to the service in the military.

Additional Benefits for 100 Percent Disabled Veterans

Are you wondering whether you can get any additional benefits with 100 percent disability rating? The answer is yes. If you are 100 percent disabled then you can claim additional benefits from the department of veteran affairs. In this article we will discuss in detail about the different benefits that you can get with this disability rating.

additional 100 Percent Disabled Veteran Benefits


What other benefits veteran is entitled to receive w


ith 100 percent disability?

As mentioned above, there are many benefits that veterans can receive due to their disability. Not only veterans but there family members are also eligible to receive these additional benefits. These benefits are additional that means that veterans can receive these benefits other than their monthly income.


Health care benefits, priority group 1 to 8

Veterans affairs department assign priority group from 1 to 8 to the disabled veterans. These groups are assigned so the health care should be given first to the ones who need it the most. These groups decide which person gets health care on emergency basis and which person needs less care.

The veterans who have disability rating of 50 percent will be given to priority group 1. These people are disabled and cannot perform their tasks efficiently. They require help and assistance from some other person. So, department assigns priority group 1 to such people so they can get their health care at time.

If you are a veteran with 100 percent disability rating then you will be assigned to priority group 1. Veterans who received discharge from the service can get additional benefits only if they are discharged with honor.


Emergency care outside VA

In case of emergency when a veteran receives the treatment outside the veteran affair department. This care will be reimbursed by the veteran affairs department. There are certain conditions that must be fulfilled to get these outside VA health benefits. You should check these conditions before applying for outside benefits from veteran affairs department.

  • The services or treatment provided outside VA must be in case of emergency
  • VA or other veteran affair services were not available to the disabled veteran at the moment
  • In case of admission in outside VA, the veteran must inform to the department within 72 hours.

To get the reimbursement for the services that a veteran will receive outside VA, they should apply the claim as soon as possible. Because, in case of outside VA services time limits are applicable that must be fulfilled.

Dental care benefits for disabled veterans

Dental care gets very expensive so the disabled veterans have this opportunity that they can get their dental care from the VA. This service is for the veterans who are 100 percent disabled or who are unemployable due to their disability. Those veterans who are eligible for dental care are placed in class.

The veterans with 100 percent disability rating are place in class 4. These divisions are made so the veterans who require emergency treatment should be treated first.

Vision and hearing aids by VA

VA department covers most of the health care cost for veterans whether it is for their treatment or eyeglasses and hearing aids. The veterans with 100 percent disability rating get many additional benefits and hearing aid is also one of them. If the veteran requires treatment for his eyes or ears then he can get that for free.

They do not have to spend any money on these expenses. The veterans who have an honorable discharge or are awarded with Purple Heart medal can claim hearing aid and vision assistance from the veteran affairs department. Disabled veterans who are completely and totally disabled can also receive an additional pension for their condition. To qualify for hearing aid benefits the veteran must be eligible for VA health benefits.

Life insurance for veterans

The veteran affair department is set to provide benefits to the veteran beneficiaries. Life insurance benefit is also given by the veteran affair department to the deserving ones. The insurance can be provided to the service member, their spouse or dependent children.

Working in the military of the country involves many extraordinary risks, so the department provides insurance so the veteran will know that their family is protected. The amount of benefit provided to the veterans varies with their condition and disability rating.

Eligibility for additional benefits

Following is the criteria for the veterans to receive additional benefits other than their monthly payment.

  • The veteran had served on active duty or the training for his country
  • He has been given a disability rating for their service-connected issues by the VA department
  • The veteran has become sick or got an injury from his duty
  • The veteran had illness or disease before joining the service and it got worse due to their duty
  • The veteran has got a disability but it did not appear while he was in service. The disability may be due to his active duty services and appear after the retirement or the end of training or duty.

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