7 Best New Jersey state veteran Benefits

The New Jersey State veteran department provides many essential services to eligible disabled veterans. The veteran affairs department is a primary care provider for all the medical and health care services as well.

The nation has recognized long ago that the dependents of veterans who die for their country require substantial support from the government.

The families make many sacrifices along with the veterans who stand on the borders of the country and lose their lives while defending their nation.

New Jersey state veteran benefits

A military veteran who has taken part in the war is defined as a war veteran.  These veterans give their selfless services to their country. Hence, the government provided them certain facilities as their reward such as scholarships for their children.

Each scholarship provided has its criteria and eligibility requirement and if the children meet those requirements then they can get their education for free.

Here is the list of New Jersey state veteran benefits 2022:

Income Tax benefits for veterans

The veterans who are resident of New Jersey state, then they are eligible to get tax exemption benefits for the state. The criteria are:

  • The veteran not able to have a permanent home in New Jersey during the year when tax was due
  • The veteran was able to spend at least 30 days in the state of New Jersey
  • The veteran has a permanent home but it was outside the New Jersey state

New Jersey employment benefits for the veterans

The disabled veterans and their dependent are given the preference for job in the state of New Jersey State. The veterans with honorable discharge are also eligible for the jobs by the state. The surviving spouse and dependent children are also given the job preference by the state.

The disabled veterans and their dependent who give the examination for the state ob receive five points if they are 100 percent disable. The veteran applying for five points must have served in the military of a country for at least six months or more and have an honorable discharge from the military.

The veteran must also be the resident of state to get five point benefits. The disabled veterans who are honorably discharge from the military and who are receiving veteran affair benefits are eligible to get ten points on their test score.

If the spouse is applying for the state job and the veteran died due to service connected disability then they will be given five points on their certification scores by the state.

Veterans status for the pension

The disabled veterans who are employed by the department of state are eligible for additional benefits by the New Jersey state. The conditions are applied to that veteran who is an employee at the New Jersey public employee, police retiree, or teacher.

This retirement given to the veterans by the state is different from the retirement given by the veteran’s affairs department. Retirement by the veteran affair is above the age of 5 and at least 25 years of service is required.

Tuition Assistance for War Orphans

The children of military members or disabled veterans who died due to the service-connected disability are eligible to get $ 500 per year. The amount will be provided to the children or spouse of the veteran for up to four years of college or equivalent education.

To qualify for Tuition assistance for war orphans, the child must be a resident of New Jersey State. The child must be the resident for at least one year prior to applying for the tuition assistance program.

The child of age 16 and 21 are eligible for the scholarship. The veteran’s child must also be a resident of the state of New Jersey.

License for Active Duty Personnel

The residents of New Jersey State who are part of military service can get a hunting and fishing license for free. The license covers almost everything such as the disabled veterans can do fishing, hunting, and other permits on a very low cost or for free.

The disabled veterans who are given a disability rating of 100 percent can get a fishing and hunting license for free as well. Disabled veterans with a disability rating of sixty percent are also eligible to get a fishing license and hunting license at a much discounted price.

Active duty members of the military can get the hunting and fishing license at a discounted price. The active duty member can be a resident of the state or not. He can be stationed anywhere but he will get the benefits by the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey state veteran cemetery

The cemetery of the New Jersy state allows the burial of veteran or their dependents. The cemetery is located at the junction so it is easily approachable. There is only one requirement that the veterans must be the resident of the New Jersey state to get the burial benefits.

The veterans who have honorable discharge are given the benefit of free burial in the cemetery while the veteran with dishonorable discharge cannot use this benefit.

New Jersey Catastrophic entitlement

The veterans who are given a disability rating of 100 percent are permanently and completely disabled. They are unable to perform their work without the assistance of individual.

They get the disability due to their duty or war. The veterans with 100percncet disability can qualify for the monthly payment by the New Jersey state of up to $62. 50.

There are certain conditions that the veteran will have to meet o get these financial benefits. The veteran qualifying for the benefits must have a disability that includes the loss of eyesight, loss of one limb or both, paralysis, mental or physical impairment, or other.

The surviving spouse of disabled veterans with 100 perccnet disability rating is also eligible to get catastrophic entitlement by the New Jersey state.

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