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100 Percent Disable Veteran Housing Allowance in 2023

Under 100 Percent Disable Veteran Housing Allowance or VA housing grant, disabled veterans who are qualifying 100 percent disability rating can receive up to $63,780 to build or modify a house. 100 percent disability rating is given to a veteran who is completely and permanently disabled and is unable to perform any of his duty or task. This rating is assigned by veteran department affairs. The disability can be of any kind, i.e. it can be body or mind disability, in either case, the veteran is unable to perform his occupation duties. The housing allowance is given to the disabled veterans with 100% disability rating to assist them to live an independent life.

Housing Allowance for Disabled Veterans overveiw

Veterans who have a 100 percent disability rating are given the housing allowance by the veteran affairs department. Veterans have the choice to use this benefit to pay for their new house or to get mortgage, it depends on them.

If the 100% disabled veteran has no house that means he doesn’t own a house, then the federal government provides the money to the veteran. The amount given will be at least half the original price of the house. The price of the house should not exceed the amount of 46,000 dollars at least.

House Modifications

A 100 percent disabled veteran is also eligible for the renovation modifications of his house. If the disabled veteran owns his house but the condition of the house is not good, then the veteran can use house modification grant from veteran affair department to modify and renovate his house.

Housing Allowance for 100% Disabled Veteran

100 percent disability is given to a person who is complete and permanent disable. The person is rendered helpless to do any of his jobs. He needs assistance while doing his work. Modern problems require modern solutions.

The housing allowance is given to the disabled veteran so that he can make his house and modify his house according to his needs. Veteran can install smooth ramps in his house for his movement. Also the veteran can buy himself a wheel chair that is modified with the modern gadgets.

Grants for Permanent House for Disabled Veteran:

The disabled veteran having 100% disability rating can get the grant from veteran affairs department. With the help of this grant, the veteran can modify his house, purchase his house, build his house as per his accommodations.

The requirements are as follows:

The veteran qualifying for the above eligibility requirement can get the grant that is worth 100, 896 dollars. This is the total maximum amount being provided to disabled veterans for housing grant.

What are housing grants for disabled veterans 2022?

Veteran affairs department provides housing grants to the veterans with certain permanent and complete disability issues. These grants are very helpful for the veterans as with this grant they can purchase a new home for themselves, or they can modify the existing one according to their requirements. Different programs are organized to assist veterans, namely special housing adaptations grants and specially adapted housing grant. Both of these provide different benefits to the veterans.

What is Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant?

Under the SAH VA housing grant, Veterans with 100% disability rating can get up to $63,780 to build or modify a home. The modification can be done to accommodate the necessities of veterans. Specially adapted housing grants help the veterans with service-connected disabilities to adapt or modify the house for themselves.  Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant can be used by the veteran when;

What is Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) Grant?

The Special Housing Adaptation Grant is a special program that provides a money at least 3 times a year to the 100% disabled veterans. With the help of this grant, the disabled veteran can buy himself a new house, or modify the existing one, or purchase the modified house. Special housing adaptations can be used in the following techniques:

What is Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA) Grant?

A temporary residence adaptation grant may be available to SAH/SHA Veterans and dependents who are or will be temporarily residing in a home owned by a family member.


The SAH or SHA grants are set according to the law of veterans affairs department, however, the small changes can be made to the existing SAH or SHA grants. The dollar amount maximum, allowable for SAH grants in fiscal year 2020 was about $90,364. The maximum dollar amount allowable for SHA grant in fiscal year 2020 was $18,074. No veteran can use the grant benefit for more than three times up to the maximum dollar amount allowable by the department.

If a Servicemember or Veteran has a permanent and complete service-connected disability, then he may be entitled to a Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant or a Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant. The grants are provided on the basis of disability rating given by t he veteran affairs department after examining the member properly.


Veterans with 100% disability rate eligible for state-specific property tax reduction or exemption benefits. They also can get the employment, education, training assistance, free or reduced vehicle registration, survivor and spouse benefits, along with VA disability compensation.

How To apply for housing benefits? 

  1. Choose the type of housing benefits you need (Specially Adapted Housing or VA Home Loan).
  2. fill your application form by providing information about you and your situation.
  3. must attach supporting documents that support your claim.
  4. Submit your claim.
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